Differences in the Male and Female Persian Cats

If you are willing to buy a Persian cat, at first you need to have proper knowledge about them. This includes not only about their personality, but also the differences between the male and female Persian cats. Knowing their basic differences would make you aware about the things that you need to do and what not. This can become a lot helpful in making the decision before opting to buying a female or male cat.

If you don’t know, then you need to know that the gender of the cat has a lot to do with their personality. The traits will make a lot of difference while adoption.

Therefore in this post we will mainly focus on the differences between a male and female cat so that by the end of this you will be able to make a decision on the gender you will be adopting.

Physical differences of the cats:

Undoubtedly the female and male Persian cats do not have much difference from their physical appearance except for their different genital organs. Otherwise, both look almost similar.

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Difference in their personality:

If you have already spayed or neutered the Persian, they will almost have similar personality. However, let us primarily have a look at the attributes of these cats even they are unaltered.

Male Persian Cats:

Male Persian cats are more aggressive in nature. There are times when they might feel that they have to guard their territory. Therefore in case they are threatened or they feel so, they might start fighting. These can be brutal and might leave other cats fighting in a worse condition.

Male cats are very strong in nature and have a strong instinct towards the breed. You might sometimes find it hard to keep them inside your home, as they will have a tendency to go out in order to find their mate. Therefore you need to be very careful if you are not at home. Consider keeping the doors closed.

· They are large in size

· They will not get pregnant

· They can also be very affectionate compared to the females

· They are very aggressive in nature

· They might rush out

Female Persian Cats:

Female Persian cats can experience heat. While they are on their cycle, females get highly anxious along with loud as well. Besides, they might feel the need for a mate during this time of the month. Therefore, you might find then crying, howling and pacing. In case the door is left open, you might find them outside searching for a mate.

During their heat process, the smell and noises exhibited by the females are done to attract the mates. Therefore during this time you might find a huge gatherings of cats throughout the house. In case during their time if they go out, they might become pregnant.

· They are small in size

· They become affection during the process

· They can get pregnant which becomes a great choice if you are willing to earn

· They can become loud during the cycle

· They attracts the cats during their cycle

Neutered and Spayed Persian Cats:

So now that you know the differences between the male and female unaltered Persian cats, but do you have any idea about the neutered and spayed Persian cats?

Both the female and male Persian cats that have been altered do not have much difference in their personality. No longer you need to think about their heat cycle or breeding process. They are undoubtedly very affectionate and peaceful among others. However, the neutered male cats are more affectionate compared to the spayed female cats.

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Multiple cats:

Therefore if you are thinking to make a house of multiple cats, you might be thinking which gender should you prefer?

This is undoubtedly a very crucial thing to consider when you are thinking to buy a cat. It also depends on the gender of the cat you are currently having at your home. It is truly not possible to make the perfect decision as it depends a lot on individual personality of the cats.

However, if all of them are fixed, it should not matter, as they will share similar traits. In case they don’t, you might need to be extra careful. If you have females in your house, consider taking females if you are not willing to breed.

Final lines:

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