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Blockchain is one of the biggest emerging trends in the present world. Many industries are open to adopting this technology into their space due to its many advantages, and blockchain is predicted to be the future of the business world. The gaming industry is definitely one of them. The evolution of Blockchain has cut down the urge for conventional games. Mainly, the Ethereum blockchain games with the ERC721 protocol is trending widely among dedicated gamers and developers since 2017.

To list out some of the most anticipated ethereum blockchain games currently,


My Crypto Heroes

Hash Rush


Gods Unchained

CSC - Crypto Space Commander

MLB Crypto Baseball

Why Ethereum blockchain games?

Blockchain offers a decentralized gaming platform.

Within the Ethereum blockchain platform, gamers can purchase anything without having to pay any extra fees.

Ethereum gaming platform allows access to increased liquidity.

Ethereum platforms games are cheaper than the games available in platforms like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc.

Ethereum platform ensures a secure payment process, eliminating risk factors.

Offers Globalised access to gamers all around the world.

Blockchain games are verifiable. This brings in a big advantage for gamers, especially with betting games.

Let’s take a look at some interesting predictions:

It is said that,during 2019, blockchain games have grown up by 118% .

My Crypto Heroes becomes the best-performing blockchain game with a record of 5,000 active Ethereum Wallets.

Experts say, QURAS, a new blockchain protocol that is set to launch in 2020, will enable private transactions in the public smart contracts. This will hugely benefit gamers and take the gaming sector to a different level.

Blockchain technology has been paving the way for greater global exposure in gaming through mobile applications. It is said that blockchain will be the future technology that operates the gaming sector on the whole.

Ethereum 2.0, which is about to launch in 2020, is set to shape up the gaming industry to a new level by making the gaming experience faster, more secure, efficient, and scalable, thereby attracting millions of gamers all around the world.

The most significant advantage of blockchain games is scalability! This point is a bull’s eye that gains huge traction among hardcore game developers and gamers around the world. With Blockchain platforms, they can make their imaginations come alive, by creating any game they want to, at lower costs and with utmost security and technology integrations. If you’re an entrepreneur, fascinated with developing your own blockchain-based game, let’s look at some essential features for better chances at surviving the widespread competition.

What features should be included with an ethereum blockchain game platform?


Legal compliance according to particular geographical boundaries

Advanced Blockchain technology integration

Smart contracts integration

Multi-currency secured wallet

Multi-language support integration

Payment Gateway Integration

Necessary KYC/AML

Advanced UX/UI

Admin console and management of transactions.

Game incentives, rewards mechanism modules, etc.

Enhanced security, Protection for user’s information.

Closing thoughts:

Ethereum Blockchain Game Development

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