Standard Guide 2020 : Fix Roku Remote Troubleshooting Issues | support

Let’s discuss the steps to troubleshoot the Roku remote issues:

STEP 1: Check that you have a new battery in your Roku remote

* Remove the battery from your Roku remote and insert it again.

* Next, watch for the LED to flash, make sure you have a good set of batteries.

* If LED is not flash, try to use new or fresh collection battery.

STEP 2: Pairing the remote again

* First and foremost, open the battery slot by removing the battery cover.

* Press the pairing button till you see the pairing LED start to flash

* Furthermore, the dialog box of the remote pairing will show on your device screen.

STEP 3: Power-cycling the Roku player then remote

* Remove the power from the Roku player, and then plug the Roku player back.

* Roku player is fully booted discard the batteries from the Roku remote.

* After that again insert the battery and check for working.

STEP 4: Try to pair the remote again.

* Open the battery portion by eliminating the battery.

* Then hold the pairing key and let go when you view the pairing LED begin flashing.

* Afterward, pairing message will display on your TV screen.

STEP 5: Clearing and re-pairing the remote.

* Open the battery portion by eliminating the battery.

* Unplug the power supply from your Roku streaming device.

* Press A and B keys on your Roku remote and then push the pairing button on the remote while still holding down the A and B buttons.

* Connect again the power supply on the Roku player.

* Set the remote into pairing by pushing the pairing button till the pairing LED flashes.

* Formerly the Roku player is completely rebooted, you can see the pairing notification on the screen within a few seconds and your Roku player will join or pair with the remote.

Remote acceptance and conservation tips:

* Keep your remote clean and dry.

* IR remotes require a line of sight view while pointing to the Roku player.

* Replacing your batteries with a pair of the same brand is recommended.

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