10 Red Flags in Dating Relationships

Here are some 'red flags' to watch out for in a new partner:

1) He makes decisions about where to go or what to do with little or no input from you.

2) He belittled your opinion when the two of you are alone and may call you names.

3) He makes disparaging remarks about you in front of others and may talk about you as if you were not there.

4) He may be rough during lovemaking and make you engage in acts you do not like.

5) He does not want to spend time with your friends or family and insists you socialize with his people.

6) He will not acknowledge your areas of expertise and may put down what you do in the workplace - ignoring any of your accomplishments.

7) He may openly flirt with other women and then accuse you of being jealous when you object.

8) He gets angry and loses his temper over trivialities. Stays angry for a long time and attempts to blame all arguments on you.

9) He may hit walls when angry.

10) One of the main factors is that he comes on very strong at the beginning of your relationship - sweeps you off your feet - and wants an exclusive relationship too quickly. Many women feel flattered at the intensity of the man's seeming need for an immediate connection and consequently overlook the inappropriateness of it.

This should not be confused with 'love at first sight' where one or both parties feel an instant connection - without any of the aforementioned behaviours.

There are many other factors that could be listed - but if the man if your life begins displaying the above qualities - realize it will not get better, only worse. He will likely be unwilling to discuss his emotions openly and feel that women are the inferior sex.

If this describes your man, run - do not walk - out of his life! The next step will likely be physical abuse.

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