Advantages of Living in a Gated Community

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about home? Well, I know your brain must be flooded with tons of things, but one thing that stands out among all is safety. Of course, the whole concept of home is to have a place where you feel safe and secure. But what if you buy or rent a place in a community that is not gated? Of course, you will feel unsafe as a gated community is a form of a residential community that is protected and guarded with enclosed walls. This is the reason many people invest in buying a house in gated communities.

While the number of gated communities has increased significantly, owing to several security issues, the topic of whether gated communities are safe or not is still debated. I know it’s frustrating when you have no idea about whether you should invest your hard-earned money in buying or renting a house in a gated community or not. Well, do not worry; I am here to help you out. So without further due, let’s focus on the advantages of a gated community.

Below is the list of advantages of living in a gated community that may help resolve your dilemma of buying or renting a house in a gated community.

Top-notch security and controls

So obviously, a security gate at the community entrance can facilitate in deterring vandals and thieves. Even if by any chance a vehicle crashes through the gate, the mere presence of a security gate is enough to prevent theft. This is because thieves prefer easier targets. So if you are planning to move in a gated community, make sure that the community has a proper security gate management plan to ensure that the community’s security is not compromised.

Slower vehicles speed

Over speeding is a common problem that can even result in accidents. Typically, drivers, when turn vehicles from busy main roads to neighborhood roads, tend to drive recklessly, making it extremely unsafe for children and even hazardous for other people present in a neighborhood. However, if a community is gated, then drivers are required to stop before entering, thus, giving them a chance to reset their vehicle speed that is appropriate for residential streets.

Zero Solicitation chances

It is without any doubt super annoying when a pushy salesman or marketing survey is impatiently waiting for you on the other side of a door. I know it’s frustrating, but guess what in gated communities you do not have to worry about solicitation as security team does not let any unfamiliar person inside a community, thus making the community safer.

Eco-friendly and pedestrian safety

In a gated community, there is no hustle and bustle as we see in a city. Also, there is a lack of traffic and pollution issues that is a major plus point of living in a gated community. In short, the environment is much safer for not only children but joggers, dog walkers, and senior citizens. Moreover, a gated community is often greener along with waste management plants and solar energy usage as compared to other apartment buildings that make it more eco-friendly.

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