3 Leadership Styles You Must Know To Make Yourself Truly Balanced Leader

What makes a leader incredible? 

As a rule, extraordinary pioneers have a few characteristics and utilize particular administration styles that set him/her apart. 

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."-John Quincy Adams

Diverse workplaces request various styles of authority, and incredible leaders commonly join attributes of a wide range of initiative sorts to oversee successfully. Let start with first:

1. Bulls Leader

Most of us have worked for the bulls file leader at some point. You know them, they're cracking the whip at every turn. They're the leader who may have no problem asking you to stay up late to finish that important project. The weeks later may not remember your name as you pass these halls. They're not necessarily bad or mean. They're just laser focus on the work and they tend to think that team building is fluff stuff that we don't have time for. 

There is an upside to the Bulls foul leader though they tend to be quite analytical, thinkers who are often very smart structured and well organized. They know how to define a goal and make sure it gets done early if possible. The problem is that they may trample over the team's morale in the process to get.

2. Lamb Leader

This is the boss everyone loves they're bringing brownies to the meeting and maybe even giving back rubs during breaks. They remember that your daughter was home sick with the cold last week and they want a full update before they can even focus on the work at hand. There are people and we love that about them but they have their downside as well they're oftentimes so relationship-focused that they can be disorganized less structured and they may not command the team's respect as they should. 

They're so focused on the decision by consensus and not ruffling any feathers that they can fall victim to analysis paralysis and the work product may suffer the rare breed of leader. 

3. Thoroughbred leader

This is the truly balanced leader. They're smart, structured, and organized test drive but they're also empathetic motivating and great to be around relationship-driven. The problem is that the true thoroughbred leader is a bit of a 'chupacabra' very rare indeed. Most of us mere mortals have a natural gravitational pull towards one end of the task relationship continuum or the other just as most of us are born right-handed or left-handed. 

We're generally wired to be more task-focused or relationship-focused and we have to consciously work on the area where we were weak to try to achieve more balance. The big question for all of us to consider is where are you on the task, relationship continuum once you identify, where you are? the next question becomes how can you work to move more towards the center and become a thoroughbred leader? 

At The End

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