Keys to know if it is the love of your life

Now, if you feel good about someone, you are attracted, you see him or her in the future and respect your opinions, that person is possibly the love of your life (at least at that particular moment). In short, the love of your life is what makes you feel that you are in a healthy relationship and, therefore, has the following characteristics:

1. It is unconditional

The love of your life is unconditional, because it respects you and loves you despite the bad times . It does not judge, but accepts.

2. It is generous

He is generous and cares about giving. It is a balanced love, in which the two members give and receive equally .

3. Is a negotiator and prone to resolve conflicts

Having no conflicts with the love of your life is unreal, because each person has their opinions and life is not always easy. However, the love of your life will worry about negotiating and communicating with you to solve any problem that may appear in the relationship.

4. Does not make suffer

Obviously there are bad times and good times in a relationship. But when you find the love of your life, the good moments outweigh the bad moments by far.

5. It is respectful

An authentic love is not selfish , because it cares about the needs of your partner. It also takes into account the opinions of the other member and respects them.

6. It feeds on a deep connection

Respect makes you have great confidence with the love of your life. Therefore, the emotional connection is very deep and flows constantly.

7. It is built over time

Falling in love can be based on a great attraction, but over time, this attraction can diminish and conflicts over not having enough privacy or commitment can lead to rupture. The love of your life is a mature love, which is built little by little.

8. Makes fun moments happen

The love of your life is an unforgettable love, because it makes you feel good moments. That does not mean that 24 hours a day you have to live in a cloud , but global satisfaction with the relationship is a reality.

9. Feed the sexuality

It is not necessary that sexuality is the same as the first days of the relationship, but the love of your life will work so that the flame of passion is not lost .

10. Is a retailer

The love of your life is detailed, and these details are not necessarily material. Your true love does not leave you aside , because it works daily so that the relationship does not deteriorate.

11. Cares about the relationship

The love of your life is aware that a relationship must work because it goes beyond falling in love. It is an altruistic love.

12. It is realistic

a rational love

13. Is honest

There is a fluid communication with the love of your life, and a great respect. There are no big secrets, because there is nothing to hide.

14. Is not dependent

In authentic love the two members of the relationship are well together and it is not a dependent love, mainly because everyone has their own space and healthy self-esteem.

15. It is a support

The love of your life is a support, it is a friend with sensual moments. He respects you, understands you and you have a good time together.

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