How To Connect The Extender As An Access Point


You however have the option to set your wifi range extender as a wifi extender or as an access point. By setting your extender as an access point you will benefit greatly if you are in a large office area that has heavy traffic. Small offices or homed do not need a big network so the wifi range extender can be the best option for them as set on extender mode.

Defining Access Point

If you are working in a huge office, you can connect your wifi range extender via an Ethernet cable and put it on the access point mode. The extender then connects as an access point via the wired connections to a router and retransmits the wifi signals where needed. This is especially needed in large homes or offices where the area is huge and traffic is heavy. This requires to be connected with the main server via the Ethernet cable and it can be placed in the area where the wifi signal is needed or in the dead spot, whereas the wifi range extender on extender mode needs to be placed in the area where it receives maximum wifi signals from the router and not in the dead zone and it need not be connected via the Ethernet cables.

Setting up the Extender as an Access Point on

In order to setup your wifi range extender as an access point, you need to follow the below given steps carefully and setup your extender without any error.

1. Plug in your extender to a wall electrical outlet and connect it with an Ethernet cable to any of the LAN ports on the back of the router

2. Set the button on your range extender to access point and connect your extender to the NETGEAR_EXT network which you will be able to do by going to wifi manager

3. Now open your web browser and go to the address bar

5. You need to click on the New extender setup and create an account on the next page if you have not already done so

6. Now click on Access point option and enter the SSID and password of your main router

7. When you use same SSID and password as that of your main router, then you will be able to utilize the same/one wifi name option of the extender

8. Apply your network’s settings by clicking on next

9. When you click continue you will be shown the settings of your wifi range extender’s network

10. Now click next and your range extender will be successfully setup as an access point

At any point if you face any kind of issues you can contact the customer support on their toll free number 1-855-777-7456 and talk to the specialists who will guide you through the whole process step by step.

The local site for the Netgear wifi range extender setup is Mywifiext and you can access it through any web browser. Just login and enter the setup site for the extender where you will find all the instructions for setup.
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