Why does a very tragic event needs to happen for Indians to wake up and raise their voice?

Whether it is #PriyankaReddy in Hyderabad, #Roja in Tamil Nadu or the law student gangraped in Ranchi,we seem to be losing it as a society. It has been 7 yrs to the gut-wrenching #Nirbhaya case & our moral fabric continues to be in pieces.We need stricter laws.This needs to STOP!

Everyday more than 1000 women are raped and murdered in India but it is ignored by Indian media and Indian public. We need to teach the public that it's not ok to ignore issues of self-defence. We need to make our sisters and friends aware of self defence products that can help them in dangerous situations.

As father as brother as friend as husband we all have a social responsibility to protect our daughter, our sister, our friend, our wife and as Women you are yourself responsible for your safety.


Normal pepper/ mirchi spray are made of 1 tea spoon of red chilli powder/ black chilli powder which is worth only 50 paise . They are selling it by mixing it with water and little alcohol. The total cost of this production is less than 25 rupees

DEVIL WILL CRY is made of imported ghost pepper and mixed with sticking oil and major capsinoids which is then mixed with tear agent to cause instant effect of the formula.

The nozzle used in DEVIL WILL CRY is also imported and unique which ensures maximum fire range.

Normal pepper/ mirchi spray is not tested before sending it to you so the chances of them failing when you need them the most is high. DEVIL WILL CRY is tested right before it's send to you for quality. It also undergoes throw test to make sure it does not leak in your purse.


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