Park Hae Jin confirms to cast on the new SBS drama “Doctor Stranger”

In February, the drama where Park Hae Jin takes part in, “You Who Came from the Stars” will be finished. As soon as the drama ends, Park Hae Jin is expected to start filming for the new drama “Doctor Stranger.” In the drama “Doctor Stranger”, Park Hae Jin will play the character Han Jae Jun who is in his 30s and is an intelligent and talented doctor from Harvard University. He then becomes a professional chest surgeon at a hospital in South Korea. “Doctor Stranger” is Park Hae Jin’s first medical drama where he finds it very challenging to build the character for. Still then, he is expected to see improved acting skills as well as the character transformation. Park Hae Jin shared, “It’s a great opportunity to work with Director Jin Hyuk and I really feel much honoured about it. I promise to show you the best efforts and best acting skills that I could give for this drama.”

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