LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Reviews- Create Stunning WordPress Websites With One Click

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Reviews

Create Stunning Wordpress Websites With One Click

Welcome to myLocalSitesGo Volume 8 Reviews to day!

If you ask a successful online agency how they started their company, many will say “Building Websites!” Precisely! When working in Digital Marketing, you’ll find that almost everyone needs a website, or an upgraded website. 

Absolutely, clients are always impressive with websites that have designed professionally and meticulously.

In recent years, website development industry has grown significantly, let’s see:

There are 500k new businesses every month

71% of businesses are projected to get a website

That’s 350,000 new websites every month!

Or 4.2 million new business websites every year!

Website development is a$34 billion dollar i

There are 28 million small businesses just in The US.

There are many are willing to do it again for a fresh new sites.

Additionally there are countless businesses that have an old or outdated website and need anew or upgraded design

Website development is a booming market & will be for years and projected to grow 15 percent from 2016 To 2026.

By this moment, I believe you have already realized what problems you may have found with building websites:

You don’t want to spend hours building a website from scratch

You’re not a web developer, a coder, or a designer

You can’t afford to hire a designer or developer to build websites for you

You’re a total newbie and don’t have a clue how to build a website

The last site you built took way too long and you never want to build another website ever again

You want another way, but most “easy website solutions” are low quality

How do you think if there is something that can help you quickly create any design you dream of and install with just one click.

 LocalSitesGo Volume 8

Then it is about time you scroll down for the rest of my review. Check it out!

LocalSitesGo Volume 8– Overview

1ProductLocalSitesGo Volume 82VendorRuben Romero3Launch Date2020-Feb-254Launch Time11:00 EDT5Official sitehttps://localsitesgo.com/6Front-End Price$19.97-$21.977BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses8Skill Level NeededAll Levels9Refund30 day money back guarantee10Product TypeSoftware » WordPress11SupportЕffесtіvе Rеѕроnѕе12RecommendedHighly recommended

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 – What Is It?

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 

 It’s a WordPress Theme the ready to go niche websites that are built with a single click.  This frees up your mental space to work with your client to make sure they are happy.

It gives you time to sell more sights and build your business. This makes it so much easier to go back to previous clients and upgrade the sites they have.

Stay posted for more information to come.

About The Creator – Ruben Romero

LocalSitesGo Volume 8Ruben Romero

Ruben Romero has been doing local marketing full time since 2006. He’s been involved in multiple 5 and 6 figure launches. The first one made $500,000 in less than 10 days. However, his main business is running a local marketing agency.

Let’s see his achievements acquired over the years:

 – First launch made over $500k in 10 days.

 – Second launch made enough to buy his house with cash.

 – Runs a six figure marketing agency.

 – Over 13 years internet marketing full time.

 – Dedicated team!

 – 5 full time website designers.

 – Terrific Support Team.

Ruben understands just how hard it is to start your own online business and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars developing his six figure local marketing business. He’s revealing some of the six figure local marketing business secrets he’s developed over the past decade to a select few here at LocalSitesGo.

Judging by what this digital expert has been offering over the years, I believe that soon, LocalSitesGo Volume 8 is going to become a hit.

Features Of LocalSitesGo Volume 8

♠ Create Beautiful WordPress Websites With One Click With LocalSitesGo Volume 8

Get 10 professionally designed, niche specific, layouts

One-Click design import

50+ prebuilt pages

Royalty free images

No clunky short codes

Built with elementor drag & drop live page builder

No coding

110+ amazing features

Infinitely customizable theme

♠ Get Total Control Of Your Website:

    ♦ Total Header Control

13 Unique Pre-Built Headers

Flexibility To Create Completely Custom Headers

Header Element Position Controls

Unlimited Color Control (Including Transparency)

Sticky Header Option

HTML Header Options

Social Icon Size, Position, And Color Control

Menu Control

Search Icon Size, Position, & Color Control

Header Image Option

   ♦ Total Footer Control

Universal Footer Creation

Customizable Universal Widget

Pre-Footer Controls

Native Widget Footer Integration

Footer Column Control

♠ Makes Developing Beautiful Web 2.0, Designs & FeaturesFor Local BusinessesFast&Easy.

♠ Localsitesgo Volume 8 Includes 10 Professionally & Beautifully Designed Layouts In Some Of TheHottest Local Niches:

♠ The LocalSitesGo Theme– What Makes It So Darn Special?

  ♦ Instant Installer

Create a website in an instant with our one-click niche installer technology.

  ♦ Fast Loading

Tiny, fast-loading theme. The theme itself is a small file to help maximize load time.

  ♦ Custom Websites

Create your own sites easily without coding and with any theme builder.

  ♦ Elementor Designs

The LocalSitesGo designs are made for Elementor but the theme can work with any page builder.

  ♦ Native Structure

Theme is built using wordpress’s native customization features. Not a bulky add-on.

  ♦ Unlimited Colors

Get an unlimited color palette (including transparent colors). Change your elements to any color.

  ♦ Customization

Customize everything without restrictions: fonts, headers, pre- headers, backgrounds, menus, icons, footer, pre-footers.

  ♦ Mobile Responsive

Each & every element can be individually positioned, displayed & adjusted so it looks good on tablets and mobile devices.

  ♦ Multi-Site

Whether you’re looking to install on an individual site or multi-site install (with a developer license), it will work! And it is tested on both.

  ♦ Logo Controls

Complete logo control using an image or use powerful text logo controls for an instant logo. No more waiting for the clients to send you something.

  ♦ Menu Control

Total menu control. have the same or different menus for mobile and desktop computers. localsitesgo, even has an option for split menus.

  ♦ Site Typography

Control site typography. Change H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, body, hyperlink, blog, sidebar, widget, etc for the entire site from the customization page.

  ♦ Woocommerce

There are tons of woocommerce features to make your wordpress pages look stunning. You can custom build your ecommerce pages to look just the way you want with elementor’s drag and drop builder.

  ♦ Font Logos

Want to get a demo site up fast? No need to wait for the client to even send you a logo. You can use Google fonts to create instant text font-logo for your clients as easy as editing a font. With or without a tagline.

  ♦ Backgrounds

Complete background control. Choose a background image with parallax, particle, or one of our many other image background features. Have infinite control over the background color & transparency.

♠  Easily Build The Kind Of Sites, You’Ve Only Dreamt Of One-Click Designs Use The Most Popular Page Builder In The Market:Elementor

♦ Most Flexible Page Builder

Elementor is the best page builder in the market. It’s constantly being updated & isn’t an IM product. So it won’t become useless, out-dated, & unsupported in a few months or less than a year like other internet marketing products. It’s also light weight and lightening fast!

♦ Drag And Drop Builder

With Elementor You can create beautiful websites with it’s powerful, drag-&-drop editor, that edits fast, is infinitely and easily changeable without knowing how to code. You see exactly what your page looks like as you edit it and can make changes live, fast, and on the fly.

♦ Infinite Mobile Experience

Customize your visitors’experience on mobile, tablets & desktop. Change the spacing, size, or other features specifically on mobile or tablet views for infinite flexibility.

♦ No Upgrades Needed

Elementor is free but they do have a pro version. However with LocalSitesGo, you won’t need to upgrade because those features are built in. No need to purchase anything else.

♦ 110+ Additional Elements

 All these features are added to the basic Elementor page builder:


Advanced ButtonAdvanced Button

Advanced Google MapAdvanced Google Map

Advanced HeadingAdvanced Heading

Advanced Icon BoxAdvanced Icon Box

Advanced Image GalleryAdvanced Image Gallery

Animated HeadingAnimated Heading

Audio PlayerAudio Player


BOOKED CalendarBOOKED Calendar

Buddypress FriendsBuddypress Friends

Buddypress GroupBuddypress Group

Buddypress MemberBuddypress Member

Business HoursBusiness Hours

Caldera FormCaldera Form

Call OutCall Out



Circle MenuCircle Menu


Contact Form 7Contact Form 7

Cookie ConsentCookie Consent


Custom CarouselCustom Carousel

Custom GalleryCustom Gallery

Device SliderDevice Slider

Document ViewerDocument Viewer

Download MonitorDownload Monitor


Dual ButtonDual Button

Easy Digital DownloadsEasy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads HistoryEasy Digital Downloads History

Easy Digital Downloads Purchase HistoryEasy Digital Downloads Purchase History

Easy Download Portfolio EditorEasy Download Portfolio Editor

Element ParallaxElement Parallax

Event Calendar CountdownEvent Calendar Countdown


Flip BoxFlip Box

Gravity FormsGravity Forms

Help DeskHelp Desk

Icon NavIcon Nav


Image CompareImage Compare

Image MagnifierImage Magnifier


Instagram FeedInstagram Feed

Layer SliderLayer Slider



MailChimp For WordPressMailChimp For WordPress





News TickerNews Ticker

Ninja FormsNinja Forms


Open Street MapOpen Street Map

Panel SliderPanel Slider

Parallax BackgroundParallax Background

Parallax SectionParallax Section

Post BlockPost Block

Post Block ModernPost Block Modern

Post CardPost Card

Post GalleryPost Gallery

Post GridPost Grid

Post Grid TabPost Grid Tab

Post ListPost List

Post SliderPost Slider

Pricing ListPricing List

Pricing TablePricing Table

Progress PieProgress Pie

Protected ContentProtected Content

QR CodeQR Code


Revolution SliderRevolution Slider

Schedule ContentSchedule Content

Scroll ButtonScroll Button

Scroll ImageScroll Image



Section ParticlesSection Particles

Simple Contact FormSimple Contact Form

Single PostSingle Post



Social ShareSocial Share

Sticky SectionSticky Section



Table Of ContentTable Of Content



Testimonial CarouselTestimonial Carousel

Testimonial GridTestimonial Grid

Testimonial SliderTestimonial Slider

Thumb GalleryThumb Gallery



Trailer BoxTrailer Box

Twitter CarouselTwitter Carousel

Twitter SliderTwitter Slider

User LoginUser Login

User RegisterUser Register

Video GalleryVideo Gallery

Video PlayerVideo Player


Widget ToolbarWidget Toolbar

Woocommerce Add To CartWoocommerce Add To Cart

Woocommerce CarouselWoocommerce Carousel

Woocommerce Cart PageWoocommerce Cart Page

Woocommerce CategoriesWoocommerce Categories

Woocommerce Checkout PageWoocommerce Checkout Page

Woocommerce ProductsWoocommerce Products

Woocommerce SliderWoocommerce Slider

Woocommerce Tracking FormWoocommerce Tracking Form

WP FormsWP Forms

360° Product Viewer360° Product Viewer

 My Site My Site

My SiteMy Site

Device SliderDevice Slider

How Does LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Work?

All right! let’s see just how quickly we can set up a site with LocalSitesGo:


Just select the one that you want.You’re gonna come here let’s do Wedding Venue you’ll see here the website is just a blank website just a test website there’s nothing on it:

We’re gonna go to import we’re gonna say yes and we’re gonna import this on a brand new site.

Now when we go back to the site we’re gonna refresh and we instantly have a Wedding Venue site here that we installed with animation with images look at that all sorts of information and this can be easily edited. It’s all sort of drag-and-drop editing and beautiful site multiple pages done in less than two minutes.

* For more details, please watch below demo video:* For more details, please watch below demo video:

Who Should Get LocalSitesGo Volume 8?

LocalSitesGo Volume 8

Regardless of newbies who have little knowledge and experience in web development.

So, I highly recommend it for:

Web Developer, Coder, Designer

Affiliates Marketers


Social Media Marketers

Digital Marketers

Email Marketers

Online Business Owners

Website Owners

Product Creators

Com + Amazon

Any other kinds of online business

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 – Pros And Cons


Built to launch sites fast and easy

Launch a site with as little effort as possible

Instant install technology

Installed with the a single click

Save time and development costs

100% Beginner Friendly.

30 day money back guarantee

Get support 24/7 at TerrificSupport.com


I gonna tell you that this product really doesn’t have any drawbacks. 

How Much Does LocalSitesGo Volume 8 Cost? 

Even though it’s packed full of features, you’re not going to have to pay $3000 for a developer’s license to localsitesgo. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you get get all 10 sites for less than $10 per site! So instead of $3000, you’re only paying $99 for the entire set!

This really is a limited time offer! This price really will increase and this volume will go away. It is planed on selling these themes individually and then you’ll have to pay full price for each of them.

For a limited time only, get all 10 pre made sites for less than the price of one site.

♥ Inexpensive Front-End Offer – LocalSitesGo

$21.97Developer License$19.97 10 Site License

LocalSiteGo 10 Site LicenseLocalSiteGo Unlimited Site Developer License* Install On 10 Sites*  Install On Unlimited Sites * LocalSitesGo Theme*  LocalSitesGo Theme*  One Click Import Plugin*  One Click Import Plugin*  10 Niche Ready Sites*  10 Niche Ready Sites*  Drag and Drop Builder * Drag and Drop Builder*  Lightning Fast Support*  Lightning Fast Support*  110+ Premium Elementor Features * 110+ Premium Elementor Features

♥ OTO1 : LandingPageGo

$19.97 LandingPageGo: Gotta-Have, High-Desire, High Value, Landing Pages you can sell to businesses running pay per click advertising (Including an easy copy writing formula worksheet to help write landing page copy with ease.)

♥ OTO 2: LocalSitesGo Pro

$27.97 LocalSitesGo Pro

♥ OTO 3: Mentoring



Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.

LocalSitesGo Volume 8:

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 – Is It Worth Buying?

Well, you know, building websites is expensive and developer licenses can cost over $3000.

Moreover, building websites by the traditional way takes a ton of time & money.

LocalSitesGo Volume 8, you will fast, easy, and affordabledon’t need 

Hire designers

Pay coders

Hire web developers

Learn how to design

Buy royalty free images

Spend hours actually doing it all!

Ontheotherhand, there is no risk for you with 30 day money back guarantee

Any stress or reservation will be eliminated, you might feel by taking on all the risk for you. You get a full 30 days to test and try out LocalSitesGo. If for whatever reason you decide it’s not for you, of course, you will get a full refund.

In a nutshell,LocalSitesGo Volume 8 

Create Beautiful WordPress

Websites With One Click

Get 10 Professionally Designed, Niche Specific, Layouts

One-Click Design Import

50+ Prebuilt Pages

Royalty Free Images

No Clunky Short Codes

Built With Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder

No Coding

110+ Amazing Features

Infinitely Customizable Theme

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 – Bonuses

Let’s see additional bonuses you will get:


Get 10 editable PDF flyers and let them sell your website services for you! They are print ready and fully editable. Change the text to whatever you want! print them up at home or have them professionally printed and offer them to businesses and prospects and let them do all the selling.

Professionally Designed

High Quality Print Ready

Completely Editable Text

Effective Sales Tool

Editable PDFs

Create High Trust And Authority

Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Reminds Prospects Why They Need You



With LocalSitesGo Pro, you get all the website content you need for all your regular pages, but what about content for blogs?


Here’s how we’re making localsitesgo pro even better!

Get 10 Blog Posts For Every Site!

That’s 100 Blogs Already Done For You

Offer Them As An Added Service

Use Them To Close The Deal

Instantly Installed On Every Site With A Simple Click

Can Be Scheduled Out To Publish However You’d Like:

            + Twice A Week For 5 Weeks

            + Once A Week For 10 Weeks

            + Once A Month For 10 Months

Blogging Is Critical For:

            + SEO

            + Content Marketing

            + Authority

            + Engagement

            + Market Leadership

            + Website Links

            + Customer Relations

10 blog posts included for all 10 sites. That’s over 100 pages of blog post content you can offer to every local business that buys a site from you. Easily offer this service at $500 for website content and $50 for each blog post.

This drastically increases your income potential from every single client.

What Is People Say About LocalSitesGo Volume 8

Let’s listen digital experts say about this amazing page builder:

Ande Porter–Developer

Absolutely awesome! Makes modifying pages a breeze, and minimizes the need to use custom code and CSS to achieve a beautiful, functional site.


Have tried them all and Elementor is simply the best builder for WordPress. My clients love it and as a web-developer of 15 years I have not seen anything that comes even close.

Kent Silverhill–Developer

This plugin has become essential to me. The number of options it provides, the number of elements that can be added, are nothing short of superb. I wish I’d found it months ago!

Jess Pereira–Developer

I’ve been developing websites for 3+ years now and been using Elementor for the past year or so. I dare say it’s the best page builder I’ve worked with in a long time. Full of options and great intuitive tools. Never stop improving it please!


Elementor delivers everything it promises and more! It has a logical, non-coding process that is great for newbies like me to use…makes building a website a smooth, stress-free task.

Nikola J Kruse–Developer

Powerful mobile page builder! Helped me in creating perfect responsive websites for my clients.


There are so many options you can do a lot with Elementor. Have been redesigning both website and WooCommerce site and will be recommending to others as it’s the best and easiest page builder I’ve used.

Rogue Yoshi–Developer

Very useful, rapid deployment, visual and fast.

Jack Randall–Developer

Life changing plugin. In it’s default out of the box settings this Plugin is just incredible. I build websites for clients and while I know HTML/CSS and some PHP it’s so much easier to build them visually…Just fantastic.

LocalSitesGo Volume 8 – Frequently Asked Questions

1> Is This A WordPress Theme?


2> Do I Need To Purchase Elementor Pro For These Sites To Work?

You do not have to purchase elementor pro for these sites to work. All the features included are built on Elementor basic and the included plugins. Nothing more to buy!

3> Won’t All These Features Slow Down My Site ?

Nope: It’s streamline coded and you can disable any unused elements, so your site loads even faster!

4> Can I Resell This Theme?

With a 10 site license, you are allowed to install the theme and plugins on 10 personal sites only. If you purchased the developers license, you can install it on as many personal or client websites you want, but you are not allowed to sell a theme developed with localsitesgo as a stand-alone theme.

5> Can I Still Use This Even If I’m Brand New To WordPress?

Absolutely! Theme and the page builder are super easy to use and understand, even for a newbie!

6> Are You Holding Back Features So You Can Upsell Them To Me Later?

Not at all, Ruben Romero is not holding anything back to try to sell you any additional features or themes. Everything is included. He does have three additional offers that have nothing to do with the these designs. The first one is landing pages for each of the niche sites. The second is for additional site designs for these specific niches. And finally a mentorship. He isn’t holding back any features in localsitesgo itself so there’s no need to buy anything else.

7> Where’s My Product?

Here’s how the purchase process works: After you purchase, you will be redirected to the members area. You will also get an email with login details.

8> What If I Need Support?

Support Team is here to help! If you need help or a refund or anything, just reach out to us and they’ll get back to you asap. (don’t reach out to us via our paypal email because that email is not monitored) you can get support at TerrificSupport.com


LocalSitesGo Volume 8

With LocalSitesGo you get 10 Professionally Designed, Niche Specific, Layouts. One-Click Design Import, 50+ Prebuilt Pages, Royalty Free Images, No Clunky Short Codes, Built With Elementor Drag & Drop Live Page Builder, No Coding Needed, 110+ Amazing Features and an Infinitely Customizable Theme.

This is the end of my review. I just want to confirm again that LocalSitesGo Volume 8 is the best WordPress theme ever. You really should try it out! I’m sure that it will give you a pleasant experience.

Again, do not miss out this deal, this price really will increase and this volume will go away, click the below button to access LocalSitesGo Volume 8:

4.7 Star App Store Review!
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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