Proper Cleaning Techniques for Hair Cutting Shears

Professional hair cutting shears

Clean Your Tools

Clean the shears every day before or after every use. Make sure there aren’t any hair

strands caught in the shears. Wipe off any excess hair product. Also, don’t switch from one client to another without trading your shears in for a new one. It’s important that you use a clean pair with every client.

Use Alcohol

Water doesn’t always get the job done. If there’s still some residue left on the blades or any part of the shears, apply a little rubbing alcohol in a cotton ball and use that to remove any traces of hair styling aids. Do this until you’re certain that your shears are clean.

Bath in Water

At the end of the day, you can get better trimming results by soaking up your shears in hot,soapy water. Don’t leave any of your shears in the water too long, though. A minute should be enough to remove chemical residues. If you have more than one shear, do it one at a time.

Mind the Edges

Always remember that you’re handling tools with sharp edges. Don’t clean your tools

distractedly, or you may end up injured. A moment’s inattention is all that’s needed for an accident to happen, so always be aware of the edges to keep yourself or others from getting hurt.

Hold Properly

Don’t be careless when you handle the blades. Always point the tips of the blade

downwards while you’re cleaning the shears. Don’t rush through the task. Careful handling is a must when you’ve got professional shears in hand. Look for Signs

Store Them Right

Once you’re done cleaning your tools, store them properly. A case with an absorbent lining will protect the shears from moisture as well as from external factors. Tossing your shears in a bin along with your other hair styling tools isn’t a great idea since the blades can knock against other shears. Repeated contact can lead to damage, and you’ll find yourself buying a replacement much sooner. By storing them right, you can keep your tools clean before a session. Leaving it all out in the counter will only subject the blades to dust, dirt, and more.

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