Balinese masks and puppets

In Indonesia, masks and puppets are prominent communicative tools used in traditional performances and religious rituals. This distinguished function in Indonesian culture means that the cultural objects need extra special care and attention to ensure they are preserved properly. And Setia Darma House of Masks and Puppets takes this issue very seriously. Setia Darma, which opened more than a decade ago near Ubud, is home to around 1,200 masks and more than 5,000 puppets. It is a nice establishment with extended open space area that covers around 1.4 hectares of land. Rice fields surround the picturesque complex, which includes several houses, halls and an open-air theater. There are also traditional Joglo from Java that house the immense collection. The masks and puppets are from across Indonesia such as Bali, Java, Kalimantan and Papua. There are also examples of items from across the globe, including Japan, Italy and Africa. Some are extremely old like the shaman mask from Africa and others are more recent examples like the wooden puppet of US President Barack Obama. ... Follow the link above for the whole article.

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