5 Tips for sell tickets in an event

Tip 1: 75 days in advance

In 2018, the agendas are filling up faster and faster and there is a lot of choices. The events on Facebook and other channels are almost impossible to keep up with. The reason for organizers to announce the planned event well in advance: about 75 days in advance.

Start creating the event in the Admin and design the event according to your wishes, with various ticket types and everything that comes with it. Don't forget to create a content agenda for a clear overview of when, where and especially how you will reach the visitors during the countdown towards the event.

What we see a lot is that organizers stop the sale after a certain time on the day of the event. But on the last day, a lot of last-minute tickets are sold and we often see a peak. Tricks like: 'We are almost sold out, last tickets available at the door' usually do not work, visitors do not fall for it. Our tip: let the online presale continue until the moment that visitors are no longer allowed inside. If it is busy at the door sale, then visitors can buy a ticket on the spot via the ticket shop. The visitor arrives earlier, there is less traffic at the door sale and less cash on location. So win-win.

Tip 2: Inform visitors in the right place

Of course, you want to keep the visitors informed. But where are those visitors? Where are they active online and do you reach them in the right way? Questions that you must always keep asking yourself as an organizer. Offer tickets directly on your website (by means of an iFrame) or send visitors to our ticket shop via social channels. The ticket shop can be arranged entirely in style. Make it a party in your own house style, that offers recognition and so you radiate one whole.

What should always be clear to buyers: the date, the start and end time, the price, the location, the parking option, the line-up and provide a route description. Make it easy for visitors and provide an inviting call-to-action. Make sure they feel like ordering tickets directly.

Tip 3: Turn your visitors into ambassadors

Turn your biggest fans into ambassadors. A very strong way to easily sell more tickets. Word of mouth advertising works, always. Are you buying a new vacuum cleaner or festival tent nowadays without looking at the reviews? Oh no. So make sure that the loyal supporters are actively involved in the run-up to the event. Just inviting and tipping on Facebook no longer works, try to get ambassadors to use playful ways to publicize your event. The choice is huge and some creativity is usually rewarded. You then thank these top fans for a place on the honors list, a dinner party, free tickets or merchandise.

Sounds easy right? Is it too! And it works, guaranteed. 

Tip 4: Contrast Psychology

contrast psychology

This principle works in many cases, also in your personal life. Suppose you get eaters tonight and you like a good glass of wine. You go to the local liquor store and ask for a good Chardonnay, where you are given three options. The chance is very high that you will not take home the cheapest and not the most expensive, but one in between.

An additional advantage is that you offer a wider range of tickets. Your visitor likes to have the choice so that the person has the feeling that they have been able to choose a ticket that suits them well. This translates into more sales and higher turnover.

selling tickets online for an event

Tip 5: Fear Of Missing Out

According to Dirk de Wachter (Psychiatrist), FOMO is a popular disease of our time. FOMO: the fear of missing something. Everything has to be fun, nicer, nicest and that's why the choice of a Netflix evening is taboo if they have your event against it.

Create various price ranges in your tickets., Go up step by step. As soon as one enters your ticket shop, for example, three ticket types are already sold out. This certainly has an effect on the FOMO principle, a hype that you are only too happy to cherish.

Do you have a brilliant tip to sell more tickets? Let us know, we like it!

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