How to initiate your IEO funding?

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a fundraising mechanism where the issuers create tokens for their projects and raise funds using the user base of the exchange. IEOs are an agreement between the fundraising company and crypto-exchanges like IDAX, LATokens & Binance, with some pre-conditions.

Fundraising through IEO

How to initiate your IEO funding?

Ideation/ White paper creation

We have brainstorming sessions with our team to finalize the best content to present in the whitepaper.

Token Development

Using our expertise in token development services, we develop tokens in different blockchains for your project.

Pre-IEO marketing Services

Create a hype before the tokens are listed for the project to have traction during the Initial Exchange Offerings.

Listing services

We have an expert development team who work with the technical team of top Cryptocurrency Exchanges for listing tokens.

FOMO Creation using PR to generate demand on exchanges

Create hype among the investors before and after IEO by regular press releases, updates of your projects, thereby, increasing the demand for the tokens.

Blockchain App Factory

Our team of experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency developers create tokens for your Initial Exchange Offerings. After the development of the tokens, our technology team will work with the exchanges and list your tokens through the complicated process.

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