Art Music of the 20th Century

Twentieth-century art can be characterized by two main periods which are modernism and postmodernism. The prosperity of modern music started in the last decades of the 19th century and continued until the last decade of 20th century. A surprisingly long time of peace made people more concerned with politics and art. However, the harmony did not last long. The two World Wars tore apart the whole continent and triggered the occurrence of new music styles. Therefore, the styles of the composers performing before and after the war changed. This transition has become a reflection of all the hardships the society experienced at that time. The art music of 20th century was profoundly influenced by historical and cultural changes. Hence, the variety of music styles is presented by the prominent works of such composers as Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Varese, and Adams.

The Rite of SpringThe Rite of the Spring

Pierrot LunairePierrot Lunaire

Poeme ElectroniquePoeme Electronique

Short Ride in a Fast MachineShort Ride in a Fast Machine

Short Ride in a Fast Machine

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