Arcalion Sulbutiamine 200mg Treats Asthenia

Arcalion sulbutiamine 200mg tablet is available as per prescription. It has no habit forming tendencies. The patient needs to read the usage instructions before consuming this asthenia medication.

Arcalion sulbutiamine 200mg is a synthetic derivative of thiamine, which is prescribed for treating asthenia. It is a condition, which is associated with a lack of energy or strength. Along with weakness, it can be used for treating low levels of it. B1 as well as for improving concentration. It is available in the tablet form and can also be used as a dietary supplement. Arcalion helps in boosting your mood and increases your energy level. It may also help in improving your memory, nerve function, and sexual performance.

The mechanism of Arcalion sulbutiamine 200mg is not clinically determined. The onset of action of this medication starts in one to two hours after the oral consumption, its duration of effect is unknown. It improves the thiamine levels in the brain and has mild stimulant effects. It increases the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain that help to improve brain functions.

Sulbutiamine being the active component belongs to a family of medications called Antiasthenic drugs or central stimulants. This is a schedule H drug and it was invented in Japan while developing the derivatives of thiamine. It is water-soluble, but, its synthetic derivative, is fat-soluble. It can cross the blood-brain barrier in contrast to other derivatives of thiamine since it is soluble in fats.

It is made by combining two molecules of thiamine, having the molecular formula is C32H46N8O6S2 and the molecular weight as 702.89g/ mol. Sulbutiamine is a very popular nootropic agent that improves memory, focus, as well as mood. Sportspersons use it to boost their performance. Take the medication orally for illnesses such as depression, weakness, Alzheimer's disease, fatigue, and erectile dysfunction.

Arcalion sulbutiamine 200mg tablet is available on prescription. The good thing is that no habit forming tendencies are reported with Sulbutiamine. The usage instructions are given on the prescription label, so read them carefully before consuming this medication. Patient consult needs to consult the physician or pharmacist before taking it.

Also, the medication can be taken with or without a meal, or as per the advice of the physician.

The correct dose of this medication depends on various factors such as an individual’s age, health condition, plus medical history. It is safe to take a dose of 200mg daily that can be taken for a month. Extending the duration of the treatment or taking a larger dose without consulting physicians can cause difficulty in sleeping or other side effects.

Never stop taking this medication without consulting your physician, so continue taking it till your physician asks you to stop. This medicine must be used in those who are suffering from psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder as there are chances of drug abuse.

Consuming alcohol with Arcalion is not good, as it is not known if this medication interacts with alcohol. Inform your doctor about all the diseases that you are suffering from, and history of any major illness before he prescribes you this medication.

Arcalion sulbutiamine 200mg

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