I lovelovelovelove it when actors and co-stars are perfectly in sync. The story may not live up, direction may suck, but more often than not, it’s the chemistry and rapport between the drama characters and actors themselves which make me feel and connect a lil bit more with with the drama as a whole. This year hasn’t been the best of drama OTPs or bromances (last year and year 2007 were DA BOMBS for me), but you immediately know it when such fluttery aawwwww moments hit you, you know you’re hooked. I’ve got my share of lovelies this year, the Ugly Alert OTPs (JSXDH and HSXJY) and the Who Are You alterna OTP HJXSO just to name a few. But none comes this close to the adorable pair of TMS. The electrifying combo of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I’d be lying to my face if my shippy heart didn’t flutter, if my brain didn’t over-think and over-analyse their constant teasing, flirtation and certain gestures of them off the camera telling us that something’s going on between them. But lucky I’m not as mad a RL shipper as I used to be when I was a teen, so either way, it’s all good when co-stars actually have so much fun together. Lovelovelove it! So, just to mark my adoration for the year’s most adorable pair of co-stars, I’m going to do TMS fans a lil favour by translating their most recent BTS interview – which will make you go bonkers with their overflowing cuteness. It’s gonna be a word by word interview just cos summary in gist isn’t my thing, I’ll butcher everything up. But be still hearties, be prepared for the heart flutters to ensue! :) (About half a minute was cut off from the video but I’ll translate those parts anyway. You’ll know when you get to the beginning part of the video.) [Narration: N ||Host: H || SJS || GHJ ] [Deleted Part] N: We are at the set of TMS right now and we met up with the 2 leads of the drama. N: The skinship never stops even after filming stops. We envy GHJ. [Scene shows GHJ teasing and touching SJS non-stop] Director: They’re really like a couple, and are really very close. Their rapport is wonderful. GHJ: Oppa is too handsome, and he often says interesting stuff. GHJ: Actually I get along well with the actors (my co-stars) in most filming sets. N: They met for the first time in TMS, and immediately hit off as if they’d known each other forever. It shows how good their relationship is. GHJ: I didn’t laugh, Oppa you were the one! [The laughter between those 2 on set never stops, they create the mood and atmosphere on set.] GHJ: It’s so fun, I always laugh and NG…. not Oppa, but me (in a teasingly manner)! [SJS smiles] GHJ: [Assumes role as interviewer and directs question at SJS] Don’t you think it’s fun doing a rom-com? SJS: Oh, are we doing an interview right now? GHJ: After all your melos and angsty stuff you must enjoy all the comical fun now right? SJS: I like it. GHJ: There goes his smile. SJS: You’re doing well (as an interviewer). GHJ: What do you do during leisure time? SJS: I just lie down. [They both laugh] === [SJS and GHJ chats away while waiting for preparing and waiting for the Host to join them... ] [The Host rushes into the room... wearing a shoe box - reference to TMS scene. SJS and GHJ laugh at her appearance and SJS immediately offers Host to touch him LOL to scare away the ghost. Then SJS jokes and asks Host for 100,000 won LOL ] [Interview - Deleted] H: Both of you , the drama is the talk of the town at the moment. What do you think about your rapport? SJS: We hit off right from the beginning. GHJ: Ahh so that’s what he thinks. SJS: [Rejected, he laughs and looks at GHJ adorably] No? We didn’t? H: It seems like GHJ doesn’t see it that way [GHJ laughs like a loon]. SJS: Right I think I was the only one who thought so [both continue to laugh]. GHJ: It’s really easy to joke and make a fool out of Oppa. He even has the nickname – The Easygoing Man. SJS: I’m really easy, 100,000 won will do! LOL SJS; I have a lot of nicknames – the Shield, the Easygoing Man, the prawn [ ]…etc GHJ: We’re so overboard chummy right now it’s making filming difficult. GHJ: It’s about time for us to kiss. [SJS laughs] H: Really? Can’t wait for that! GHJ: I pleaded with Oppa to take off his coat, so that I could touch this part of his hand. LOL N: What level of skinship do you wish to do in the drama? GHJ: I’d love to do a back hug [GHJ smiles somewhat shyly and pervy-ly LOL]. SJS: I really enjoy the skinship I’m getting. [Skinship is like second nature to them right now] N: Your most memorable line? SJS: Your shelter is here, come and hide. SJS/GHJ: It’s all very sweet. N: Apart from the line which melted hearts of all the girls out there, there is also one memorable gesture.. SJS: It was incredibly awkward in the beginning… but lately I’ve been able to do it quite effortlessly. H: Was it ever in the script? SJS: No. GHJ: He thought about it for quite some time, on how to make it more effective. I told him by doing that [the gesture], it’d make others feel even more uncomfortable. SJS: I thought it’d be a bit boring if I just said GET OUT, so I decided to add some hand gestures. N: GHJ’s 4-stage transformation (scene when HJ first possessed TY’s body) also generated much attention. GHJ: I was shocked when I first got the script, I didn’t know what to do. The ballet dancer, when I first did it, I NG-ed stop because I twirled too many times it gave me a headache. SJS: Oh, the dog! That was the climax. SJS: [Points to GHJ] She’s really charming and cute. [GHJ immediately smiles and nudges SJS *girl is obviously having so much fun!*] GHJ: I really envy Oppa because he’s so handsome. SJS: Why are you doing this? You’re already beautiful to begin with. GHJ: Oppa’s arms are pretty too. SJS: Her legs are very attractive. [They both laugh] [Even the Host cannot stand their chumminesss <3333 LMAO] N: Someone please keep them in check! H: The reason why TMS is so loved? SJS: Our chemistry? N: The secret to your soaring ratings? GHJ: Because we have new stories adding up each episode. The crew has to prepare a lot of things to make these stories happen. We don’t have enough time and it’s quite tiresome, but it’s interesting. H: Your pick for the Best Ghost? GHJ: The shoe ghost was the scariest. The part of her crawling towards me, that was scary. GHJ: But in actual fact it kinda resembles how our moms wipe our home floors. When I think of that I feel better, it’s less scary. But I’m used to the ghosts now. I’m even quite close with the them that I even take pictures with them. H: We heard you had a meal gathering together? GHJ: Oppa treated us to Korean beef, and it cost him about the price of a car. [SJS laughs LOL] SJS: I was in a good mood, we had a great time. GHJ: The restaurant owner even extended her business time for us. H: The ratings are soaring, what would you do for us if TMS broke the 20% barrier? GHJ: I’ll be a one-day MC for Late Night Interview [they all break into immense laughter]. SJS: I can’t do this. GHJ: Oppa it’s easy, just say Hello I’m So Ji Sub and I’ll take care of the rest. SJS: It’ll be a broadcast disaster for sure. H: Please do this for us. If you cross the 20% rating barrier, you’ll do a 1 on 1 interview. SJS: We can’t let them have it too easy. GHJ. Alright Oppa [nods in agreement]. SJS: Of course, I’m the Master. SJS: If it reaches 20, Hyo Jin will do it first. I’ll do it when it crosses the 25% mark. GHJ: Okay, deal! H: When will SJS and GHJ (referring to JG and TY in the drama)….[get together]? GHJ: Hmmm… tomorrow, right away! SJS: Can we say that?! GHJ: Tae Yang has to get together with Joo Gun quick. We’re already causing a stir. SJS: Who knows we’ll have a kiss right away. SJS: Who knows he’ll grab her right away. SJS: The 7th episode, we’ll have chumminess sweetness sadness all packaged into one. GHJ: You’ll have to record it down. SJS: We are working hard on TMS, an episode will air later on. SJS/GHJ: Please watch it. SJS: For TMS, please GET OUT! *SJS having so much fun* credits: SBS entertainment / TotallySoJiSub / krdrama / sina translations / dc / as tagged

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