Myeongdong (Seoul) shopping

Myeongdong is the best shopping place for Korea travelers. If you go there, you may think Myeongdong is more for Korean because most shoppers there are black eyes and black hairs, but those are mostly Asians!!! Lotte department store and Shinsegae department store are located in Myeongdong and most branded products are there. Lotte Luxury House "Avenuel" sells all luxury brands such as Channel and LV. If you are looking for SPA brands, visit Noon Square which is across the street from Lotte. Department stores are good, but my recommendations are road shops in Myeongdong street. You can find good quality fashion products in good value. Also there are many flagship stores in this place. Myeongdong has Restaurants are delicious and street foods are quite memorable.

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