Builder Mafia

For the first time in my life, I happened to see social media being used to expose the housing mafia. The initiative to expose the Swedish mafia commendable, and whoever started the trend should be hailed as a hero.

Speaking of mafias, I would like to draw attention to builders mafia in Pakistan. I became their victim when I decided to build my house in Bahria Town, Pakistan. Most of the builders in Bahria Town are spineless butchers as they try to extract every single penny from their client in the name of various spendings/charges.

builders in Bahria Town

They delivered my fully furnished house within 5 months, as they promised, and that too within the estimated budget. I loved how their team cooperated with me in constructing exactly the same house I had envisioned.

This post is aimed at drawing attention towards builders mafia in Bahria Town and also a shoutout for AM Constructions.

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