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As a new gender, there are many reasons why you want to invest in Australian companies. First of all, there are many NZ companies like the Zero List in the Australian stock market (ASX) but not NZX. Second, you are familiar with or interested in many companies such as NAB (parent company of BNZ Bank), AfterPay or Woolworth. Or maybe you just want to get away from the NZ Mini Market. Whatever your reason, Kiwi living in New Zealand is a way to invest in Australian equities.


Investing with money is an easy way to learn about best credit card website equities. You will be diversifying into many Australian companies at the same time, you will not have to look for companies in lesser-known markets, and you will save yourself from having to deal with tax multipliers and foreign currencies.

Unfortunately, none of the six Australian SmartSher ETFs were particularly attractive. The offer is completely fragmented and each fund covers very narrow Australian stock markets (up to 50 companies per fund). In addition, the fund may pose enormous risks for some sectors - for example, Australia's Top 20 fund invests 46.57% in the financial sector. It is much better to have an Australian fund with a broad market coverage, such as the ASX 200 Index Fund (investing in the top 200 Australian equity markets).

Outside SmartShare, InvestNow invests large sums of money in best credit card website equities. Examples (with brackets):

· APN Sectoral Fund (1.12%)

· Australian Devon Foundation (1.66%)

· Australian Development Fund Fisheries Fund (1.83%)

· Australian Milford Fund for Full Growth (1.19%)

· Australian Dividend Fund (2.59%)

They also have a range of Trans-Tasman funds that invest in both New Zealand and Australia. Examples:

· Australian AMP Equity Index Fund (0.42%)

· Devon Distribution Return Fund (1.01%)

· Fisher Trans Tasman Equity Fund (1.75%)

· Milford Trans Tasman Equity Fund (1.05%)

· Australian Mint Capital Fund (1.45%)

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It will not cut money for anyone who wants to invest in Australia. First of all, none of the above fund offerings are designed solely with stable market coverage or at high cost. Second, there are many investors who want to control the choice of individual companies to invest.

Brokers come here. At NZX, we have brokerage services known as stocks, ASB securities and direct brokerage to invest in individual companies. We have a door to US markets. But what gives brokers access to ASX, our closest neighbor, best credit card website?

ASB Securities / Direct Brokerage

ASB Securities and Direct Brokerage are two local brokerage options that give access to ASX. ASB securities may be more convenient because ASX trading is enabled by default when you set up an account with them. For direct brokerage, you must complete a separate order form to begin ASX trading.

Foreign Exchange Difference

Purchasing an ASX stock will require you to exchange the New Zealand dollar for the Australian dollar. ASB securities and direct brokerage may do this for you, but they will pay you for it using the foreign exchange difference best credit card website.

To understand this reserve, the NZD-AUD exchange rate at the time of writing this article (January 31, 2020) was 0.9655. This is also called the middle market exchange rate. Let's see what happens when you exchange NZ $ 10,000 in Australian dollars:

Average Market Rate - Changing the Australian dollar from NZ $ 10,000 to an average market rate of 0.9655 gives you $ 9,255 per dollar

ASB securities - The NZD-AUD price from ASB is 0.9526 below the average market price. This will save you $ 9,526. This means that the hidden cost or reserve is $ 129 Australian, or about 1.3%.

Direct Brokerage - The New Zealand Dollar is priced at $ 0.9577 versus the New Zealand Direct Dollar, saving $ 9.777. These are hidden costs or A $ 78, or about 0.8%.

Transfer Wise - For comparison, Transfer Wise changes your money at an average market price (0.9655) and charges a service fee. If you convert $ 10,000 USD, the service charge will be $ 50.78, resulting in an amount of $ 9,605.

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