How Brilinta Interacts With Other Medication

Brilinta is a medication for preventing stroke, heart attack, and potential loss of life from vascular complications. The medication avoids blood clots resulting from stent placement after ACS. This drug is available in 60 mg or 90 mg and is usually taken with a regular dose of aspirin in 75 to 100 mg. Close monitoring is essential when taking Brilinta with other drugs and food. The interaction might cause various effects including affecting how the medicine works. There is also a risk of severe side effects from the interaction.

Interaction of Brilinta with other drugs


This medicine is for pain relief from various conditions including arthritis, headache, and dental pain. There is a risk of increased bleeding in the stomach when you take Brilinta and Ibuprofen. You are strongly advised to avoid this since Ibuprofen has the potential to cause stomach bleeding alone. Combining it with Brilinta might escalate the bleeding. It is very important to talk to your doctor to see whether it is safe for you to take Ibuprofen while on Brilinta treatment.


For a stronger heartbeat and more regular rhythm, Digoxin is prescribed. However, combining it with Brilinta might escalate the risk of side effects. Brilinta limits Digoxin breakdown in the body leading to a spike in blood concentration. Before taking Digoxin while on Brilinta treatment, close monitoring of your Digoxin level is necessary. This allows the doctor to recommend the safest Digoxin dosage for you.

Antifungal drugs

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Brilinta might cause you side effects like bleeding. And, some antifungals might inhibit the breakdown of Brilinta escalating its presence on your blood. Before taking any antifungal medication while on Brilinta treatment, close monitoring of bleeding potential is necessary. The doctor might recommend a lower dose of Brilinta or antifungal medication.

Antiviral drugs

These medications are for treating infections caused by viruses but not bacteria. When taking antiviral medication, mind the use of Brilinta. The antiviral might escalate the side effects of Brilinta including bleeding. Some antiviral medications inhibit the body’s breakdown of Brilinta increasing its level in the blood.

Most antiviral drugs are a combination of various medicines that might react with Brilinta. Ensure to seek recommendations from your doctor regarding using antiviral drugs while on Brilinta treatment. This will help protect you from potential severe side effects. You need close monitoring from your doctor to ensure no risk of bleeding when using these medicines concurrently.

Seizure drugs

Taking Brilinta with anti-seizure medication lessens its effectiveness. The seizure drug might make the body break down Brilinta quicker than usual. This lowers its level in your blood. Ensure to talk to your doctor for a recommendation on a seizure medication that won’t interact severely with Brilinta. Your doctor will recommend alternative drugs to avoid putting your health at risk of side effects from the interaction.

Cholesterol drugs

Physicians prescribe statins to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. This helps lessen the chances of heart attack and stroke. Brilinta also helps lessen the chances of a heart attack. However, be mindful when using it with cholesterol drugs like simvastatin and lovastatin. These escalate severe side effects since Brilinta limits the body from breaking them down. This encourages the level of these drugs in the blood which is not good. The recommended daily dose of cholesterol drugs is not more than 40 mg.

Opioid pain relievers

Strong pain relievers with opioid content are not recommended while on Brilinta treatment. The opioids lower Brilinta absorption from the stomach into the bloodstream making it less effective. Ensure to talk to your doctor to recommend the type of opioid for injecting into the body than taking it orally. Additionally, this opioid is taken in the shortest possible time to avoid interaction with your Brilinta treatment.

Herbs and supplements

For people who prefer using herbs and supplements, ensure to mind about its interaction with Brilinta. Get a recommendation from your doctor for the best herbal or supplement that won’t react with Brilinta. Drinking or eating grapefruit while on Brilinta treatment exposes you to the risk of its side effects like bleeding. Grapefruit inhibits breakdown of Brilinta in the body increasing its content in the blood. Visit your doctor for advice on whether it is safe to eat or drink grapefruit while on Brilinta treatment.

Wrapping up

Brilinta is an effective medication for handling heart-related problems. However, you have to be mindful when taking it with other medicines. This is important to avoid interaction that might escalate its related side effects. Knowing this and recommendation from your doctor ensures getting relief from heart attacks and other problems from Brilinta. Luckily, this medication is easily accessible from an e-pharmacy.

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