How To Activate Showtime Anytime On Roku ?

As of right now, there are several subscription services available out there. And these can be used to watch both films as well as television shows. Each of these different platforms give the user various features and options. And we are today with one of those streaming services called Showtime Anytime. This is one of the best streaming websites you can use to connect to your internet.

We'll therefore be showing you today how to allow Showtime Anytime. You can also find in this article the key features and options that this app has to offer. So, if you want great service to watch movies and television shows, be sure to go through this article to the end:

You may want to install it on your smartphones as well, after

going through the various features and options provided by the Showtime Anytime app.

Sadly, installing this app isn't as easy

as several steps are needed to do so.

You need to install this app on your computer first,

Showtime Anytime account

But you might be able to go ahead and install it on all your devices once you have paid for the Showtime subscription. Fortunately, one single subscription to this software will operate on all of your devices without any problems at once. And the best thing about this app is that the installation and activation process for these various platforms is quite similar. Consequently, the activation process is present in this. As a consequence, the method of activation provided in this article is Android based. But in a similar way, you can allow and start using Showtime Anytime on all of your devices. And to install and activate Showtime Anytime, you can simply follow the steps given:

Steps to activate Showtime Anytime On Roku

1) In this case turn the system ON; it is Roku. Click the Home button.

2) In the famous channels segment or on the Roku Showtime list.

3) When the channel has been identified, click Open and select the Add Channel button.

4) You'll be informed when the download and installation phase is complete.

5) Then go back to your home screen and open the channel Showtime added to your computer

6) Obey the instructions in the channel which will eventually lead to the generation of an activation code.

7) Notice either the activation code on a piece of paper, or the notes section of your phone.

8) Open your computer browser now, and visit

9) On the page you will be asked to fill in details such as the name of your television provider, the name of your computer from the drop-down selection

10) After that, you will be asked to login and contact your TV provider for credentials

11) Once you have signed in successfully, the Showtime activation process will be completed at any time when you activate it on Roku TV.

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