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A 21-year-old Spanish football trainer has passed on of coronavirus after specialists likewise determined him to have leukemia.

Francisco Garcia, who dealt with the lesser group of Malaga-based club Atletico Portada Alta, was raced to medical clinic with extreme side effects of the infection.

Peter Whittingham Is Dead

Be that as it may, when he showed up specialists likewise recognized the destructive blood malignancy. They said he would have endure on the off chance that he was not experiencing the prior condition.

Spain pronounced a highly sensitive situation a week ago as it increase endeavors to stop the sickness spreading. It is the subsequent most noticeably terrible hit European nation, having detailed in excess of 8,000 cases and upwards of 297 passings.

Mr Garcia is accepted to be the most youthful casualty of coronavirus in Europe and potentially the world, and the fifth individual in the Malaga area to bite the dust from the ailment.

Spanish paper El Mundo detailed the passing, expressing that his leukemia was not distinguished until he was taken to medical clinic with coronavirus side effects.

'He went to the clinical medical clinic imagining that he had an awful chilly,' a source told the paper, 'yet they wound up distinguishing pneumonia'.

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