TOP Media Artists [New Card Series]

This new card series I'm doing is going to be Entertainment Industry based. I thought it would be cool if you guys could see who all is under the same company as brother-sister artists.

[Note: I'll only be listing groups unless a soloist is well-known as sometimes I cannot find proper info on smaller artists that haven't promoted much and I don't want to spread false information!]

[Teen Top]



Former Members:


-Niel and Changjo are also a soloists

-Chunji has been in a few musicals

-Changjo has acted in a few dramas

-They were very popular during their generation of kpop, but are overlooked in this generation





-Jinhyuk's previous stage name was Wei

-Wooseok's previous stage name was Wooshin

-Jinhyuk and Wooseok partcipated in Produce x 101

-Wooseok made the final lineup and debuted in X1, however, X1 has since disbanded

-Jinhyuk is also a soloist

-Hwanhee is known for his voice because it sounds similar to Baekhyun of EXO's voice





-MCND stands for Music Creates New Dream

-Everyone but WIN learned to dance in America

-Minjae and Huijin performed as MINJAEHUIJIN on The Fan

-WIN partcipated in UNDER19 but left for health issues during the show

-Everyone but Castle J and WIN are high school students, WIN is a middle school student (Keep in mind this is in Korean Schooling, not American)

-Castle J is a 1999 and is the oldest, WIN is a 2004 and is the Maknae


[If you'd like to be tagged in this series let me know!]




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