Crayon Pop and Kim Jang Hoon continue to support firefighters in choreography version 'Hero' MV

Could this be another Crayon Pop viral hit? Crayon Pop recently joined hands with veteran singer Kim Jang Hoon to cheer on the firefighters of Korea and now have released the choreography version to their "Hero" MV! Crayon Pop and Kim Jang Hoon dress up as firefighters for the 'Korea Fireman Project' with a song called in dedication to the heroes who risk their lives to help others. The girls' agency previous shared regarding the release, "'Hero' is an excellent harmony of Kim Jang Hoon's husky and powerful tone and Crayon Pop's cute and cheerful voices... With its fun choreography that anyone can follow along to, we anticipate that it will receive love from a lot of people." As expected, the choreography is fun with Crayon Pop's trademark quirky moves. Although the actual song release will be on February 5, they're bringing you MVs ahead of time to introduce you to the tune as well as the fun and easy choreography.

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