Southwest Airlines For Delayed Flights

Southwest Airlines don't want their flights to get cancelled due to their own (Airline's) reason, there is still some reason which can cause the flight to get delayed due to one reason of another the major one is due to bad weather.

Fortunately Southwest has a refund policy for the delayed flights which can make it one of the most beneficial airlines to travel with, now we will quickly take a look at the refund policy of the airlines.

Refund Policy of Southwest Airlines for the delayed flight(s)

If the flight of Southwest Airlines has been delayed for the period of 90 minutes then the airline then as part of the compensation the airlines will offer you to re-book the flight to any other flight.

In the scenario which is given above the traveller may get a travel voucher of worth $300 in case Southwest airlines is unable to provide you with the alternative flight within the period of 2 hours and put you at the status of Priority Standby.

If the alternate southwest flight arrives after 2 hours then the passenger will get the travel voucher worth $1350.

If the passenger doesn’t want to travel in the re-booked flight then he can request for the refund online at Southwest’s website.

The refund will be provided to the customer in the original form of payment and if the payment is made in cash then the passenger will get the refund in check.

Southwest refund policy

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