Secretly Geeky Celebs

Celebrities are people, just like everyone else. While I love seeing them continue to be the definition of cool, I do like to find things that remind me that they are just simple people with tastes, just like us. I love it even more when those tastes dispel the notion that you have to be a certain way in order to be considered cool. This is why I love this list of 5 secretly geeky celebs!! We start off with... Robin Williams (Photo via Eva Rinaldi -> Fans were surprised when Williams revealed his devotion to gaming during a 2009 interview with Jimmy Fallon. Williams is said to not only be an avid gamer, but also an enthusiastic gadget collector. His devotion is also evident in the name he chose for his daughter. “My daughter is named after a video game… Zelda, Princess Zelda. I don’t call her Princess Zelda… only occasionally… but she’s named after Zelda,” Williams said. Vin Diesel (Photo via Gage Skidmore -> Despite his tough exterior, this celebrity has been immersed in geek culture for most of his life. In fact, he is ardent player of the popular role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. Sources indicate that the star even has the name one of his characters tattooed on his body. That’s dedication! Natalie Portman (Photo via Wikimedia Commons -> Few fans know that this star attended Harvard University. And while she was acting in the Star Wars series, she actually missed the film premiere to study for her final high school exams. Aside from her Ivy League education, Portman can speak four languages in addition Hebrew – her native language. Speaking at classes at Columbia and making appearances in academia, Portman isn’t ashamed to show off her geeky intuition. Cameron Diaz (Photo via Flickr User ian_fromblighty -> Playing Word of Warcraft and attending TED talks don’t seem like typical activities for a young Hollywood actress, but Cameron Diaz is a fan of both. Diaz has gone so far as to say that she was mildly addicted to online gaming. James Franco (Photo via Vanessa Lua -> Hollywood spectators call him a modern-day Renaissance man. In his early thirties, Franco began working in various graduate programs at prestigious colleges across the country – Columbia, Yale, and New York University to name a few. His commentary on current events and media is documented in several publications, and he is always challenging himself to learn more.

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