What Is The Legal Definition Of Defamation?

If you search on google for the meaning of the word “defamation”, then you will find the following definition: the action of damaging the good reputation of someone. In simple terms, this means making a Wrong or untrue statement deliberately to harms another person's reputation.

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Here are Some Categories of defamation:

slander defamation

Suffering from defamation, here is a step by step solution for it:

• Start threatening offenders with a defamation suit. Demand them to retract the statement, otherwise, get ready to fight courtroom battles.

• If you fail in the above step then you definitely seek legal advice. File a defamation claim against the person and send summon.

• From here all the legal proceeding begins. Your case might go to the court based on the extent of misery caused to you. Most of the time defamation cases are settled or abandoned.

• But if it proceeds for a court case, then the main problem arises when you need to prove defamation claim in court. The court will only pass the judgment into your favor only when you have solid evidence for proof.

• Since it’s not a crime but a tort, the maximum reward you can get after winning the court case is the heavy compensation for your loss and a public apology. And course, you regain your harmed reputation.

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