How to stay in Vogue without going broke

Looking good, classy, and absolutely eat-your-heart-out gorgeous is not for the feint of heart, or the lazy. It also requires that you think intelligently so that you can make the most out of your budget to continue to make the best out of your look. Here are 5 tips that may help us shopaholics always look great, even if our wallets have seen better days. --> Beware of trends The lifecycle of a trend is a hard thing to predict. Budget conscious shopaholics need to focus on garments that can be used alongside current fashions. Essential wardrobe items, such as the sheath dress, a sweater set, or a pair of designer jeans, will stay hip and can be styled and accessorized to suit the trends of each season. Be wary of trendy garments, and seek out discounted prices when shopping for each season’s hottest new fashions. --> Dress in Palettes Every fashionista has experienced this conundrum: having a favorite garment that can only be worn with one or two outfits. Purchasing a variety of colors can be fun, but it’s an expensive luxury. Instead of grabbing the brightest color off the rack, plan with your existing wardrobe and purchase garments within one or two color palettes. Adding palettes as your wardrobe grows is no problem, but sticking with one or two in the beginning will give you a variety of options and minimize stress when picking outfits. --> Don’t Rule Out Consignment The obvious benefit of shopping in consignment shops is the low cost. But there’s a hidden advantage to making a habit out of consignment shopping. Most seasonal trends are at least somewhat recycled from previous eras and styles, and as a result, consignment shops are filled with hidden gems just waiting to come back into style. By shopping with a careful eye, you can make an investment in future trends while saving some money at the same time. Plus, gathering together your old, unwanted clothes and turning them in on consignment can give your shopping budget a boost, allowing you to find more for less. --> Stick With Cash Saving money is a challenge, especially if you are a shopaholic. Reign in your retail therapy sessions by carrying cash only. Without the convenience of a credit card, it’s much easier to stick to a budget. Set a monthly budget for clothing expenses, withdraw the amount in cash, and use it carefully. If you want a garment that’s over budget, take the time to save for it. Chances are you’ll enjoy it more after waiting anyway! --> Buy Out of Season It pays to think ahead. When everyone else is shopping for the latest season’s trends, take the time to shop for what’s out of season. Shopping for summer garments during the winter and vice-versa will lead to significant discounts. Don’t worry about predicting trends when shopping out of season. Search for basics and essentials, and try to limit your spending on trendy items. Image sources 1. Photo by Automotive Rhythms: 2. Photo by Silke Scheller: 3. Photo by Anders Andersson:

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