Should you set the boundary on couple seeking girls?

Threesome is a wonderful experience full of fun. If you intend to have it for the first time, then don’t worry yourself too much. After your first experience, you will realize you have been missing a lot. But before getting into this, you need to make sure everything is okay with your bae. You should only start looking for a woman for a threesome if both of you are in agreement. This is an act of mutual agreement, and there is no way it is going to be fun and enjoyable if one party is not okay with it. For before making the first step, you have to make sure everything is planned well. 

couple seeking girls

You have set some relationship boundaries ahead of time, set some limitations on how you are going to stay in contact, before, during and after your threesome. This has to be transparent because if the husband proceeds to have some sexual communication with the other girl without the consent of his wife, this can be treated as cheating. Therefore, set some r on how communication among you is going to take place before and after your threesome date.

Another thing that you have to agree on is whether this is a one-time thing or if you are hoping to do it as a regular activity, and if you are going to do it with the same girl every time or new girl.

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