Difference between Condensing Units and Compressor

Compressors and Condensers both two main components of an air conditioning system. A Compressor is an important component placed inside the condensing unit. They both are parts of the split-system air conditioner and a heat pump's outdoor condensing unit. A Compressor unit helps to control the amount of pressure applied to the refrigerant for the removal of heat to keep your home interiors cool and also to take heat indoors to warm your space.

A condensing is another name to the outdoor HVAC unit. This unit can either be an air conditioning unit or a heat pump. A typical condensing unit comprises of a compressor, fan and a condensing coil. A condenser acts as a heat exchanger for most parts. A compressor is a part of the condensing unit and helps to control the heat. It should be kept clean and clear for the efficient functioning of the HVAC unit. A compressor is used to compress the gas to increase its presence.

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