Tips To Keep IPE Deck Long-Lasting

Decks have become the most demanded and desired things in real-estates business. People do not only find decks stylish but also a source to stay close to nature and enjoy some fresh breeze of air. When it comes to decking, though there are so many varieties available but IPE hardwood is most preferred and demand wood for decking. The desire for exotic and long-lasting wood apart from being so attractive to look at has made it the most desirable wood of all times.

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With the construction of an IPE deck, many homeowners make the mistake of assuming this wood has some superpower that allows it to resist the weather. The truth is, it’s wood, and just like any North American species of hardwood and it needs protection from the elements. There are several things you can do that will help increase the lifespan of your deck, and while not all of them may be your choice of action, each offers its own advantages and disadvantages.

IPE is a very dense hardwood, and because it is so dense liquids have a hard time penetrating the surface. For this reason, a water sealant treatment is not necessary. If you wish to treat your new deck, a simple application of hardwood conditioning oil is sufficient. By performing preventive maintenance on your deck, you help keep the weather from aging the wood as quickly as it would, if the deck were left untreated. IPE ages from a rich brown hue, similar to Walnut, to a silver and gray color over time. While some homeowners find the silver color to be attractive, others prefer the original brown color of the wood when it was new. Adding a simple water sealer may not prevent IPE decking from taking on this transformation.

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The third method for protecting your deck from the weather is to add a roof system above it. While many people enjoy the open airy feeling of being on the deck, the weather can also be a killjoy when it comes to rained out barbecues and parties that ended suddenly due to weather. Adding a roof not only allows you to use your deck on rainy days, but also helps keep the rain from pounding into your deck surface. IPE decking is much stronger that Pine or other softwoods, but over time water can still lead to rotten wood. If you prefer to have the option to keep the open feeling of an uncovered deck, then adding a retractable awning is another option you may consider.

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