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Blood Sugar App.

A tiny but useful instrument!

Smartphone Glucometer

Low power consumption

Well, there is a different Smartphone Glucometer that helps in determining the sugar level in your body. But the best one can perform 4000 tests for 5 years. Along with that, it allows in storing the data so that you can compare it with the next report. Each time you perform the test, the value will be recorded for future purposes. The information is stored in a cloud permanently that helps in tracking whether your health is improving or deteriorating.

Gives advice

If your sugar level is above the normal range, it also provides information that you need to make in your diet so that it comes down. They also guide insulin dosage and diet that you need to follow. It is quite a helpful instrument that you can carry anywhere to measure the sugar level.


Suppose, you wish to share the sugar level details with your doctor. In that case, the blood sugar app is the best option. You can send the details of your sugar level to your doctor regularly by sharing them through the phone. As a result, your doctor can explain to you the changes in the medicines over the phone itself.

Dnurse Technology is the 1st Chinese innovative mobile health care company whose mission is to reform the traditional diabetes management. Dnurse established in June 2013 and provides the Device, App, Service innovative business mode through their advanced mobile smart glucose meter, their independently developed mobile app “Dnurse” and the cloud database.
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