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Art is expression. With tattoos, art is the expression of both a tattoo artist and the person getting inked. Knowing how good an artist is, therefore, is extremely important when choosing who you get your tattoo from.

But art is not objective. And neither is the skill of an artist. This is even truer when it comes to tattoos since there is such a wide range of styles an artist can specialize in — and most tattoo artists specialize in more than one style of tattooing. Some styles, such as tribal, religious, and minimalist script tattoos and certain designs such as animal tattoos are very common and you’ll find most tattoo artists do them, each with their own personal touch.

So if art and skill are subjective, how do we select the best artist? We don’t. Instead, we provide you with a list of artists who are at the top of their specialization — and let you make the right choice for yourself! Maybe their art will inspire you, or maybe you already have a design in mind and have been waiting to find the right tattoo artist to ink it for you. Either way, we’re sure this list will help you narrow your search for the best tattoo artist in Bangalore!


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