Les Haras Hotel in Strasbourg, France

"This is an outstanding project we invite you to discover today with the transformation into a hotel and brasserie of the former stud farm of Strasbourg by the Jouin Manku Agency. Closed in 2005, this remarkable setting including many listed elements – façade, gate, roof, main stable… – is located at the heart of the city, in the area of La Petite France. It is now adorned with a contemporary interior architecture, uncluttered and noble, largely inspired by the world of horses. Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku managed to transcribed their vision of the place’s history in a spirit both refined and raw. The few materials chosen obviously give pride of place to raw wood, but also to natural leather and blackened or brushed metal. The brasserie, run by star chef Marc Haeberlin, takes place in what used to be the Great Royal Stable, with its dizzying frame and impressive volumes (800 m2 for nearly 14m in height). The Agency sought to highlight the original architecture of the building: the structure and joists, coating and period cobblestones… The place’s flagship piece: a majestic staircase in oak and patina steel, which winds around 6 meters and embodies the idea of the building laid bare, revealing its flesh. The dinning room and its surprising leather yurt occupy the first floor while the kitchen, open on the room, invests the ground floor which is complemented by a bar and a lounge area. On the furniture side, custom-made pieces and Patrick Jouin ID creations are prominent, complemented by original pieces from local artisans such as the lounge tables and poufs signed l’Arche du Bois. The 55 rooms of the hotel, in turn, occupy the old building as well as a contemporary extension designed by architects Denu and Paradon, offering a subtle range of brasserie codes. At the reception, a gigantic fresco, made by designer Philippe David, recounts with humour and strength of evocation, all the characteristics of the project." More information about this remarkable conversion to be discovered in the following video… [www.patrickjouin.com] Les Haras 23, rue des glacières 67000 Strasbourg [www.les-haras-hotel.com] [www.les-haras-brasserie.com] [via Yooko]

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