What is Batch Apex & Class in Salesforce?

People working with Salesforce or are looking to work with it should know a few things in details like the class and batch apex in salesforce. This article is dedicated to the area of batch apex and class and things related to it. Through this post, you are going to learn everything there is to know about these two and have a vivid idea about it.

Batch Apex in details

This refers to the execution procedure of code which is specially designed for processing massive data by categorizing in different chunks or batches.

Just imagine a scenario where one has to process colossal data every day and delete a few unused data; it is something which can’t be done manually regularly. This is where batch classes in salesforce come for automatic assistance for such work.

Benefits of using Batch Apex

There are multiple reasons as to why people prefer using Batch Apex are below:

Until one batch is executed successfully, it won’t go to the next one to complete it.

During runtime, these tasks are programmatically invoked. It can operate massive records’ size (200 records maximum per batch).

Colossal record sets can be processed easily daily using this system.

Implementation of asynchronous operations can be done easily.

Why should one use Batch Apex instead of a normal one?

The batch apex in salesforce is used by people because these include the reasons which are mentioned below. Take a look at these in detail!

Normal Apex can repossess a max. Of 50,000 SOQL queries. However, Batch Apex can easily retrieve much larger SOQL queries like 50,000,000.

Records of Batch Apex utilized approx. 200 records in each cycle for executing SOQL queries while the normal one uses 100.

When working with some substantial records, the normal one is quite vulnerable when encountering mistakes when compared with Batch Apex.

The heap size of Batch Apex is 12 MB, which is double of the normal one, which is 6 MB.

What is batch Class?

The process for breaking record or data into batches is the primary function of a batch class in salesforce. However, depending on situations, sometime Query Locator approach is also used for operating SOQL query that aids in generating object scope inside batch jobs.

However, before using a batch class, one will have to implement it first. Take a look!

Implementing the interface

To start, one will have to collect data at the starting point on which batch job operates. The batch classes in salesforce aids in breaking records or data into different batches for further procedure. Then is the executing portion; through execution approach, one can receive actual processing of every batch in a separate process.

Lastly, it goes through the finishing method. This is the end step which is responsible for performing operations post-process like sending emails. When this procedure takes place, every batch is already executed by then.

Creating a batch class in salesforce is quite easy once an individual follows the steps instructed to them. It is something which every professional can handle setting up and make their work much easier as very less manual tasks are there to be done using batch Apex or Class.

Final words:

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