Photographer Jay Daley [] [] "It was a clear and warm night in Airlie Beach so Bruce, Dex and I went for a late night recon mission to check out Cedar Creek Falls, Conway Beach and Wilson Beach for a possible morning shoot the next day. All were great locations but my mind was elsewhere. Outside the car the sky was alight with stars, there was no moon and no hint of light pollution. Earlier in the night I had set my hopes on shooting a star trail but the previous few nights lack of sleep was hampering my enthusiasm to commit to another long night when I knew we had an early start the next day. After checking out Cedar Creek Falls and Conway beach we made a stop at Wilson Beach for a last check before heading back to Airlie Beach. The moment we arrived and I saw the Milky Way spanning vertically down to the mountains in the distance I knew I had the perfect opportunity to quench my galactic thirst for the night."

A long-time Vingler, photographer, gamer, astrophile, science lover, martial arts enthusiast, foodie, manga reading, anime watching, all-around gal.
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