Step wise instruction to Install and Setup Belkin router in just a few minutes

Belkin Router Setup

For that, you can follow the steps given below.

1. The initial step that you have to do is connect your Belkin router with power outlet source

2. Then, also connect your modem to the power source and then connect it to the wireless router by using the Ethernet cable.

3. After the connection is made, wait for the lights to go solid on both the router and the modem and start the installation process.

4. When you are done with connecting modem and router then, reboot both the devices

5. Now, on your computer checks the Wi-Fi section.

6. Refresh the Network list and look for the New Belkin Network on the list.

7. Connect to the Belkin network and open a browser for login.

8. Use the default web address or IP address for the login process.

9. You can type the default IP address i.e. in the address bad then click on the search icon.

10. You need to select the language and time Zone to configure easily.

11. When you are at Wireless, you need to set up your username and password.

12. Then, select WPA2-PSK in the security type and then apply settings.

13. Now, you need to type a password and apply and save the settings.

14. Then, reboot the router and modem and connect them again.

15. Lock the Belkin dashboard and set up a new password and change the settings. And then, no other than you can access it.

16. With that, you are all done with the installation and setup.

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