Gary to make a cameo appearance in Song Ji Hyo's drama 'Emergency Couple'

Gary recently participated in filming for tvN's drama 'Emergency Couple,' which stars Song Ji Hyo, his "girlfriend" from the 'Monday Couple' on 'Running Man.' He secretly took part in filming before the Lunar New Year's holiday, doing his best despite the filming going late into the night. Gary said, "I only get to see Song Ji Hyo on Mondays, so I'm happy we got to film together for 'Emergency Couple.' I hope 'Emergency Couple' becomes a huge hit." Song Ji Hyo showed her gratitude towards Gary for volunteering to support her drama. Producer Yoon Hyun Ki said, "Gary readily helped make a cameo appearance because of his special connection with Song Ji Hyo. He turned filming into a sea of laughter with his unique wit and humorous acting. One of the fun elements of the enjoyable 'Emergency Couple' is the cameos. Even in the future, the strong cameos will make the production more fun." The production team revealed that Gary will be coming out in the 6th episode of 'Emergency Couple,' which will air on February 8! Make sure you watch the impending episode to see Gary's cameo.

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