Flying on Allegiant air without paying baggage fees

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Airline policy for carry-on baggage

If the passenger is travelling having personal items or the items that are similar to the size of carry on and that the place can place near the seat and the dimensions are such that it can be easily placed near the seat of the passengers are not allowed to charge. The passenger can take them with them free of cost. The passenger is allowed to carry a bag that contains important things but for that bag, the passengers have to pay some affordable charges. The size of the bag is such that it should fit in the upper cabin.

Allegiant airlines policy for checked baggage

The checked-in baggage of the passengers should be according to the dimensions provided by the Allegiant airlines. There are 3 dimensions that define the length, breadth and the height of the bag. The weight of the checked baggage should not exceed 62 kg weight. The weight of the individual bag should not exceed the weight of more than 23 kg.

Allegiant air policy on musical instruments

The passenger is allowed to take their musical instrument with them. For these instruments, the passenger needs to purchase an additional seat so the passenger can easily place their musical instrument with safety and security. The passenger needs to tally the dimensions of the instruments. After checking the dimensions then only it can decide whether it comes under baggage policy or manage my booking policy.

Pay for baggage at the time of booking for major savings

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