Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering A Degree?

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering has emerged as one of the most attractive career options after 10+2 (science). Increasing scope and better career opportunities in the field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer are attracting students to choose the aircraft maintenance engineering courses.

This is solely because of the rise in demand of the AME engineers by the aviation sector to look after the maintenance work of their aircraft.

That is why many students are now diverting their careers toward aircraft maintenance course from mainstream engineering courses.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Qualification

Following are the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Qualification:

1. Candidates must not be less than 16 yrs. Of age

2. Candidates must have physical, chemistry, and maths as major subjects in +2. Those who have completed their diploma in electrical, mechanical, aeronautics, and electronics stream can also apply.

3. Medical fitness certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner is also required.

4. Valid Aadhar card/passport is also necessary.

Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering a Degree?

Let me tell you, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is neither a degree nor a diploma course. It is a licensed programme. After completion of this course, students are provided with a licence issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt. of India.

However, diploma in aircraft maintenance engineering polytechnic is also well known as AME in Diploma Polytechnic. In this course, one gets knowledge about how to maintain each system and security get fitted of air craft.

How to Convert AME Course into Degree??

The government is considering to convert the three-year aircraft maintenance engineer (AME) certificate course into a full-fledged degree programme that will help a successful trainee earn a BSc degree at the end of the course.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Scope

There is a wide scope for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in India as the Aviation Sector is developing at a fast rate. This is solely because, nowadays, people prefer to travel more by airplane in comparison to other means of transportation.

Thus, the number of travelers who are travelling by flights are increasing at a faster rate. This creates a huge demand for new aircrafts to compensate for the huge traffic at the airport. To meet their expanding requirements, more aircrafts are in the process of manufacturing. This results in an increase in demand for pilots and cabin crew for serving the customers.

Moreover, to ensure their safety and maintenance work of aircraft, different streams in aircraft maintenance engineering demand has also increased in many folds. This results in the companies looking for young, energetic and dynamic Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in India.

Why one Should Choose B Tech in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Following are the reasons because of which students choose B-tech in aircraft maintenance engineering instead of other B-Tech degrees.

· It provides job security

· This field ensures handsome salaries.

· Person in this field earns high dignity in the society.

· The status is equivalent to that of pilot

· The career has ladder of growth and success

Aircraft Maintenance Course

Aircraft Maintenance Course

The course syllabus includes deep study of Aircraft. It also covers training in the mechanical stream followed by practical training experience on live aircraft.

Category A1 – Line Maintenance

Category A1 licence is Basic Aircraft Maintenance Engineer licence to cover Jet Engine Powered Aeroplanes. The holder of category A1 licence directly employable without type-rating. He is authorised to issue CRS (Certificate to Release to Services) to an aircraft after minor scheduled line maintenance.

Category B1 – Base Maintenance

Category B1 licence includes all the privileges of category A1. He/she is authorized to cover maintenance and repair of the structure, engine, mechanical, electrical & hydraulic system for that type of aircraft. He is also authorised to cover avionics systems requiring simple tests without troubleshooting.

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