Best 20 Travel Alarm Clock Under 50$ You Must Buy [2020]

While you are traveling you need a best travel alarm clock to manage your sleep time. The important thing matters in Travel clock is Size and it should be light in weight and easily portable. It is a must that your clock should have a long battery life.

Travel clocks are now modified by adding temperature, humidity and date. It is important in the clock that the display is better and can be visible in day and night. So if you’re going to travel somewhere and you’re confused which alarm to buy so don’t worry we’ve listed here some best travel alarm clocks.

Wazdorf Digital travel Alarm Clock:-

Wazdorf Digital travel alarm clock has an LED screen display. Not only time but Temperature is shown in both F and C. Snooze interval can be set from 5-60 minutes as you need. Both AL and PM format is available in this travel clock. There are five buttons i.e, Mode, Alarm, Sanz/light, Up and down.


The clock having LED means less effort.

There is a Temperature scale available to check the day is good to travel or not.

Contains a long 3 AAA battery, Rechargeable.

Many customization as you need.

The very stylish mirror looks trendy.


The dimensions of the clock are very big.

The glass on LED makes it very attentive we have to travel very carefully.

You have to read the manual before using not very handy.

Not for very long use.


The clock is very good in terms of looks. Having many functions sometimes make it more complicated. It can be used as a Gift. Long battery life and durability makes it better. It also has ambient display when the clock is charging the screen remains awake but when it is not charging the clock screen sleep after 15 seconds.

Buying Guidance:-

Battery and built:-Battery and built:-

types of batterieslead or poly-lithiumgraphitere-chargeable


So don’t run toward many functions


LEDadjust brightness
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