Slim down with these 4 tasty teas

Tea is one of the best known secrets in the world. I say that because while everyone knows that great teas can do wonders for your health, there are still quite a few teas whose benefits are still unknown. What's more is that there are still quite a few people do not really comprehend how strong the benefits of a good tea really are. Here are some 4 great teas that will help you on your way to naturally slim down: 1. Matcha Green The health benefits of green tea are well known, but few dieters know about the slimming power of the Japanese green tea Matcha. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from the highest quality, first-flush green tea leaves, the first harvest taken from the tea field each growing season. When left unsweetened, Matcha is a calorie-free food that is rich in trace minerals, fiber, and a naturally occurring amino acid called L-theanine, which reduces cravings and promotes a sense of calm and well-being. 2. Pu'erh The recent popularity of pu'erh tea may lead dieters to believe that it is a new creation. In fact, the tradition of pu'erh tea dates back centuries in Chinese medicine. Pu'erh is processed by fermenting tea leaves and allowing them to fully oxidize. Like fine wine, pu'erh is considered to improve with age. Some pu'erh teas are aged for decades! Pu'erh works along side your weight loss routine by aiding in digestion and boosting your metabolism. As a result of the tea's fermentation process, many natural compounds are present in pu'erh that can't be found in any other beverage. 3. Tieguanyin Oolong Oolong is the tea that falls in between black and green tea. With its leaves wrapped into small, gem-colored balls, the variety of Oolong known as Tieguanyin is a pleasure to both the eyes and the tongue; watching the leaves unfurl into a rich liqueur is a simple pleasure that's not to be missed. Tieguanyin is a perfect snack replacement because of its sweet, mild taste and convenience. When using quality loose-leaf Oolong, no equipment is necessary. You can simply drop the leaves into hot water and sip away; tea drinkers in China are known to use the same leaves all day, adding hot water and resteeping throughout the day. 4. Assam Black Are you a coffee drinker? If so, you probably prefer to accent your brew with a little cream or sugar - two things that can quietly sabotage your weight loss efforts. Due to its high caffeine content, Black tea is the ideal replacement for your morning coffee, and it tastes wonderful without any cream or sugar. The flavors of Black tea are common and known to many. However, not all Black teas are equal. High quality, loose-leaf Black tea is what dieters should seek. Assam is an easily acquired variety cultivated in between India and China. High quality Assam will have mostly whole, unbroken leaves with minimal powder and crushed leaves.

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