Frostpunk in the year 2020

The Survival RTS Frostpunk got a season pass over one year after release. The developer is planning three content enhancements in total. The first addon, called The Rifts, is already released. The last fall will follow soon. After that, Project TVADGYCGJR is scheduled.


With city-building elements, a frozen post-apocalypse, and survival systems, Frostpunk may be the next deep strategy game on PC.

11-bit studios

Atmospheric cold

We have been chosen as leaders, and now we carry the heavy burden of carrying our people through these dark days. With scarce resources, little technology, and no social order, we face this bitter struggle between our small town and the overwhelming winter. And there's not enough. No roof over our heads, nothing to eat, and with the few raw materials we bring with us, we won't get far. So we send our workers and engineers to mine resources with our bare hands and erect the first buildings.

Wood and steel will soon be enough for a few makeshift tents, a small workshop, and a food house to prepare the remaining provisions. With sufficient coal supplies, the generator can finally be turned on, and for the first time, warmth spreads through our barren refuge. And so we have a little time to become aware of the situation into which Frostpunk has thrown us so abruptly. As the first night falls, the full extent of this task dawns on us: We are the tiny torch of hope in a sea of frost! But it lingers but a moment, this moment of reflection. The game is already forcing us to make the first decisions and skilfully begin to maneuver us into the dilemma: Do we take care of the needs of the here and now, or do we make sacrifices for a better future?

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