Reach potential visitors with these tips

An event without visitors can not be a success. In this article we give you some practical tips that you can use to reach potential visitors .

Before you start

Before you start promoting, your target group must be 100% known. Try to answer at least the following questions:

· What is the average age?

· Where do they live?

· Are they mainly men or women?

· What are their interests?

If you paint a good picture of your customers, you also have a solid basis to determine in which places and through which channels your promotion will be most efficient.

Of course, you only want promotion where potential customers will see them.

We will start with online tips, after which we give some offline tips.


Of course you have your website as a base (if you have one). But there are also a number of other channels that you can use.

# 1 Make your event clearly visible on your website

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(see tip 2)

# 2 Use Facebook

With more than 1 billion users there is a good chance that a number of people on Facebook are interested in your event.

This is where the information about your target group comes in handy.

· Step 1: Create an event on Facebook (left in the menu under your profile picture). Just follow the steps. It is very simple.

· Step 2: Invite friends, acquaintances and relations.

· Step 3: Promote your event. Click on promote event (right in the menu if you click on the 3 dots) and follow the steps.

Here you can clearly indicate who the target group is.

· Step 4: You can also give away free tickets via Facebook. Ask for your page, share your post and reward some lucky ones with a free duo ticket (hoping that the winners will also bring a lot of friends and acquaintances).

6 simple tricks to sell more tickets for your event

# 3 Use Twitter

Use Twitter to get in touch with people who might be interested in your event.

· Step 2: Enter a keyword that is related to the subject of your event (eg massage, real estate, art, photography, sport fishing, rock ‘n roll …)

· Step 3: Give a valuable response with a link to the page containing information about the event.

# 4 Search for relevant forums

Relevant forums are a very good way to make your event more visible.

· Step 1: Find relevant forums in Google.

· Step 2: Register on this forum.

· Step 3: Try adding value to the forum by giving good answers and reactions. Meanwhile, promote your event.

Take an example of it could be trade shows in Ahmedabad so, if you want to promote shows or events then must visit All events.

# 5 Send a mail to potential interested

parties Email is and remains one of the most valuable ways to reach people online.

· Step 1: Create a list of e-mail addresses. Of course, you can not just send thousands of emails, but a personal mail to people you know is no problem.

· Step 2: Send an email with information about the event and why people have to come.

Search Google in “events calendar”. Often a city has its own website where you can place events.

# 7 Send a press release

Local newspapers, magazines or trade magazines sometimes also include information about local events. If you send out a well-informed press release or compile a nice press kit, there is a big chance that they will look at this carefully. In the assortment of Flyer be, you will also find qualitative presentation folders.


Offline there are also several channels for promotion.

# 1 Radio

Promotion via the radio does not have to be unaffordable if you address the local radios. A company that can certainly help in making a radio spot is

# 2 Create eye-catching business cards

Whether you are promoting in the period that precedes your event or if you want to network at the event itself: beautiful business cards are a must.

This way, people have a tangible memory of your event and your company.

# 3 Pasting

posters With posters you increase the visibility of your event very quickly.

· Step 1: Find out where you want to paste posters, and learn the local regulations.

· Step 2: Find volunteers to help stick the posters, and give them a nice reward!

Attention: in many municipalities, it is mandatory to mention the name of the organizer on the poster.

In addition, this person must in most cases be older than 18 years. So be sure to check what the rules in your area are.

Here again, the rule of the organizer applies: in every municipality the regulations are different. Examine research before you print your flyers.

# 4 Rent an advertising car

Do you really want to be known? Then rent an advertising car, preferably one with sound.

Type “rent advertising cars” in Google: you get more than 1000 results where you can rent such cars.

# 5 Word-of-mouth advertising

Undoubtedly the strongest marketing technique.

Ask the staff and people who have registered to pass the event on to their acquaintances. Everyone knows about 20 people with the same demographic characteristics and interests, so that’s 20 potential visitors for your event.

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