miss A’s Suzy looks like a goddess in a wedding gown

miss A’s Suzy recently showed off her attractive innocence in a wedding gown. On June 26, pictures of Suzy wearing a wedding gown in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Big were released and drew a lot of attention. Suzy, who plays the role of a reckless girl in the series and has become a beloved actress, showed off her goddess-like charms and made the audience wonder about why she wore a wedding gown. In the pictures, Suzy looks calm and elegant in a white wedding gown unlike her reckless character in the series. Her gentle behavior and soft eyes make her look like a blushing bride. People who saw the pictures responded: “Forget about Gong Yoo and marry me.” “Is she getting married to Kyung Joon or Choong Shik? I’m dying to know what will happen.” “Suzy looks cute in a wedding dress.” The series is receiving considerable attention and the audience is wondering what Suzy will do between Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung. Suzy in a wedding dress will appear in the 8th episode of the series which will air on June 26 at night. Source: Xportsnews via en.korea.com

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