Survival Gear List – The Most Complete Life Saving Checklist

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How can you be absolutely sure that you have all the equipment you need to survive?

To ensure that survival items no longer need to be purchased.

You can't unless you have the full list of survival equipment.

A complete list to make sure you don't miss any life-saving devices.

While someone is unlikely to forget a survival knife, there are likely to be lesser-known survival equipment that you are likely to have overlooked.

For this reason, we have created the full list of survival equipment.

This is a list to start, track, and develop your survival tools and equipment. A checklist that you can use to build your entire survival arsenal.

To be 100% sure you have everything you need to survive.

However, this list of survival equipment only covers equipment and not supplies.

What is the difference? Consumables are items that you use or consume: Consumables are not tools or devices. For example, eating is a survival resource, while a knife is a survival kit.

This list also only applies to portable devices. While some may consider "survival kit", we've added this kit to our prepper checklist.

Be sure to read our prepper list and our suitcase checklist for items in these categories.

Are you looking for a downloadable and printable version of this survival kit list? Click here to get your FREE copy.

We wish you all the best with a wooden bucket in a dry landscape


As always, we start with water because it plays a role in almost all major emergencies.

Therefore, you need equipment to turn questionable water into a thirst-quenching drink that quenches H2O.

The good news is that this is easy; We recommend that you buy a Mini Sawyer water filter.

1. Sawyer Mini water filter

I'll keep it short and sweet.

You never want to be forced to drink uncomfortable water. We are talking about water that is loaded with manure and bacteria that can make you sick.

You speak of a poor survival situation ...

Mini inline water filter Sawyer 1

Sawyer Mini added online

Instead, take some portable Sawyer mini water filters.

They are designed to remove microscopic particles and harmful bacteria from suspicious water.

When you combine a tablet with water purification tablets, you are prepared for most water-related emergencies. Drink with confidence.

For more information, see the Sawyer mini test video below.

2. Bottle of water

If you want to survive in nature or on the go, you need to bring water.

When you get to a water source, we recommend filtering, cleaning and filling it into a bottle. Because you rarely know how far the nearest water source is and a bottle of water will keep you hydrated between the sources.

Get a metal with a single wall (without an insulated double wall).

With metal, you can boil water on the fire if necessary, but heating a double-walled bottle can cause an explosion!

Are you looking for a downloadable and printable version of this survival kit list? Click here to get your FREE copy.

Minimalist configuration of the camping tent

Survival hut

Sometimes the water takes place on the back to provide protection.

Extreme temperatures and weather conditions make the refuge a top priority for your survival.

So you can pray to fall into natural survival shelter (or an abandoned hut in the forest) or invest in equipment for rescue shelters.

3. Plan for survival

Tarps are a great haven.

But a cheap towel is not enough.

You should invest in a waterproof, sturdy and high quality ripstop survival wipe with many anchor points.

With a good survival sheet, you can structure different protection configurations to keep wind, rain, mud and snow away.

For more information, see our survival shelter article, which uses multiple tarpaulin shelter configurations.

4. Tent at low temperatures

OK, if you live in cold regions, a towel may not work well in the middle of winter.

Instead, you may want to switch to a cold tent or canvas tent.

These tents are not part of the equipment.

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