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There are millions of small businesses around the world working on Google Maps and customers use Google Maps every day to find them. You can add your business to Google Maps by opening a Google My Business (GMB) account and confirming that you are the owner or worker of the company. When you update your business information through Google My Business, the new business information will appear in Maps, Search and Earth. Your customers and potential customers can easily find information about your business, get to know your services and write reviews that will help your company grow and gain credibility. [1]



Find your company

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Find out if you have a Google Account. It is not necessary to use a address to have a Google account. You can access Google with almost all email addresses. For GMB to work, your Google Account must be associated with the location you wish to add or manage. If your company doesn't have a Google Account, create one. This account will be linked to the Google My Business dashboard you have created.

If you don't have a Google Account, click "Sign in", then "More options", then "Create account" on Follow the instructions to create an account. [2]

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Enter to access Google My Business. [3] Click on the green field in the center that says "Start now". When you publish your company on Google, you can provide your customers with correct information on your company's location, your phone number, your opening hours, photos and services provided. In addition, your customers can send ratings and reviews of your company and read the news you publish. [4]

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Enter your company name and address in the search bar to find your company on Google Maps. [5]

Make sure your address and phone number match your company.

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add your business

Click on the category your company falls into. For example "lawyer". The category is extremely important for Google to rate your listing. It is very important to note that while Google offers more than one category for your listing, it is preferable to choose only one. Using more than one won't help your ranking at all.

Enter the details of your location exactly. This includes the business address, telephone number and category your company falls into, for example B. "Bakery".

If necessary, enable the "I provide goods and services to my customers in their location" checkbox. Then fill in the areas in which you are active by entering the names of the cities or postal codes of the regions in which you are active.



Confirm your business

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Check the box to confirm, then click "Next". This step confirms that you are authorized to add this information to Google for your business. If you click Next, you also accept the general terms and conditions. Google must legally confirm that it is the legal owner or authorized employee of the company.

If you are unsure whether you are authorized to edit your business information on Google, contact your company owner or manager before proceeding.

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Click "Call now" or "Confirm by email". Google will send you a code to confirm that you are a legitimate part of the company. Google can call the six-digit code or email it. There are also other options for control, e.g. B. as the owner of a website registered in the search console or with a domain-based email address that matches the domain of the entry.

Choosing the call is much faster to confirm your business on Google Maps.

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