How to Reset iTunes Account Password if Forgotten?

How Do I Reset a Forgotten iTunes Account Password?

Did you forget your iTunes account password? Then you will not be able to access the multiple services of iTunes until you would not recover your password. There are numerous options proffered by Apple that can help you to reset your iTunes password. But lots of users don’t know about the password reset process which is prescribed by Apple and if you are one among those who don’t have any idea about the password reset process of iTunes, then you should know it properly before taking any step for password resetting. You can go through the mentioned instructions for the password resetting of the iTunes account which is very simple.

Here are the steps to reset iTunes account password:

:- First of all, you need to visit the official account recovery page of Apple from a browser.

:- Enter the iTunes ID that password you want to reset.

:- After that, click on Next.

:- Now select the option of resetting the password and then click on Continue tab.

:- Now choose how you want to reset your password and then select Answer Security Questions option.

:- After that, you will require to provide the answer to some security questions and then give the answer of each question very carefully.

:- Enter the new password for the iTunes account to complete the process.

iTunes Password Reset

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